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21 TV Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Actors Wrapping Filming That You Probably Didn't Know

"The only person that I'd run through an airport for is you!"

1. First, on Schitt's Creek, the last thing the entire cast filmed on their soundstages was Patrick and David's wedding, so a lot of the tears in the scene are real because everyone was getting ready to say goodbye.

Patrick saying his vows to David at their wedding and Moira crying

2. And the last moment on Schitt's Creek that Annie Murphy, Dan Levy, and Catherine O'Hara filmed was when David, Alexis, Patrick, and Stevie say goodbye to Moira and Johnny outside the motel.

Johnny hugging David and Moira hugging Alexis before they leave Schitt's Creek

3. The last scene that Sian Clifford filmed for Fleabag was when Claire, before going after Klare, told Fleabag that she would only run through an airport for her.

Claire telling Fleabag, "The only person I'd run through an airport for is you"

4. When Will Smith looks back on the finale week of filming The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he says it's "fuzzy in his mind." He explained that he always "lives in the future" and he really tried to avoid the pain of saying goodbye to the show.

Will Smith filming the series finale of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the moment when Will shuts off the lights in the living room

5. And DJ Jazzy Jeff was so emotional over saying goodbye to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that he didn't even stick around to say goodbye to the entire cast; he simply got in the car and drove home.

Jazz giving Uncle Phil a birthday present during the series finale

6. Anya Taylor-Joy cried during "every single take" while filming the final moment of The Queen's Gambit, when Beth plays chess in the Russian park. She said she was just "so happy" for Beth in that moment.

Beth saying, "Let's play" in Russian

7. The moment that made David Schwimmer cry the hardest during the last day of Friends was when they all hugged before filming their very last scene.

Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica saying goodbye to Monica's apartment

8. On Breaking Bad, the last thing the cast actually filmed was the flashback scenes that are seen in the beginning of "Ozymandias." These scenes were last because Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul had to shave, and they didn't want them to wear wigs/fake beards in the final episode.

Jesse and Walt cooking in the RV

9. On Supernatural, after Misha Collins wrapped his extremely emotional final day on set, the cast members all got on a flight to go to a convention, and one of the engines on the plane literally exploded and they had to return to Vancouver.

Castiel and Dean talking and Castiel crying

10. On The Good Place, the final scene that Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper filmed was on the bridge in Paris when Chidi tells Eleanor he's ready to leave the Good Place.

Eleanor telling Chidi that she's been alone her whole life and she doesn't want to be alone again because she likes being with him

11. After every actor wrapped filming on The Vampire Diaries, creator Julie Plec would give a "eulogy" for each of them, which detailed how important they were to the show and how impactful their characters were to the story.

Caroline, Bonnie, Elena, Damon, Matt, and Alaric visiting Stefan's grave during the series finale

12. When Paul Wesley finished filming his final scene on The Vampire Diaries, someone sprayed silly string directly into his eye after they yelled cut.

Stefan and Damon reuniting during the series finale and Damon saying, "Hello, brother"

13. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith tells Cristina that her career is just beginning, it was actually the last scene Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo filmed together. They simply held each other and started crying after filming the scene.

Meredith telling Cristina that she doesn't feel finished because this is not the end for her and Cristina saying that Mer needs to help her say goodbye

14. On The Office, creator Greg Daniels wanted the entire cast to "wrap together," so the last scene they filmed was a massive group scene with everyone.

Everyone at Dunder Mifflin gathered and looking at Pam's latest painting

15. Also, The Office showrunners kept Steve Carell's return in the series finale a massive secret and didn't even show his scenes to NBC executives — also, they had Creed read Michael's lines during the final table read.

Dwight and Michael hugging after Michael surprises Dwight at his wedding

16. The last scene ever filmed for Orange Is the New Black was when Taystee calls Judy King to tell her about the Poussey Washington Fund.

Taystee talking to Judy King on the phone

17. Also, the version of "Seasons" — Danielle's song that was inspired by Orange Is the New Black — that plays during the closing credits was recorded when Danielle sang it to everyone on set during the last day of filming.

Danielle Brooks filming a scene for Orange Is the New Black's final season

18. The audience for the final live taping of The Big Bang Theory was filled with former cast members, crew, friends and family of the cast, and loyal fans. Fun fact: Kaley Cuoco's dad attended all 279 tapings.

The entire gang sitting on the coach and eating Chinese food during the series finale

19. Also, during The Big Bang Theory series finale, the audience started screaming and cheering so loud after Penny hints that she's pregnant, they had to film another take "for safety."

Leonard asking Penny if Amy was suspicious when she had to let her dress out and Penny saying she didn't notice

20. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the very last shot of the series was a scene between Coulson and May, and Chloe Bennet was actually watching from behind the camera as Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen filmed this final moment.

Chloe Bennet sitting on the ground and Jed Whedon taking a selfie with her

21. And finally, on Game of Thrones, the last scene that Emilia Clarke filmed was actually when Daenerys and Jon talk in the middle of battle at Winterfell.

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington filming a scene of Game of Thrones