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21 TV Character Deaths From 2018 That We're Still Not Over

Mark 2018 as the year that not a single main character died on Grey's Anatomy.

🚨Warning: Massive TV spoilers from 2018 ahead!🚨

1. First, while we saw this death coming, watching Jack Pearson die in This Is Us was one of the hardest scenes we had to watch this year.


After a season of build up, This Is Us delivered a devastating episode when we finally learned how Jack actually died. It was no surprise that Jack died a hero: After their house caught on fire, Jack died from his injuries — but worst of all, he died without Rebecca by his side.

2. The Walking Dead bid farewell to several cast members, but nothing was more shocking than when Carl died after being bitten by a walker.


One of the hardest and most shocking deaths this year was definitely Carl Grimes'. After being bitten by a walker, we watched as Carl bid farewell to everyone, including Rick and Michonne. This was easily one of the hardest TWD deaths EVER.

3. Another big The Walking Dead death, Jesus was killed when the long-awaited group, The Whisperers, finally made their appearance.


Jesus survives in the comic books and plays an important role in building the future, so his death at the hands of The Whisperers was shocking to say the least. While someone inevitably had to die at this juncture in the series, we're sad it had to be Jesus.

4. Wynonna Earp bid farewell to one of their original characters when Dolls sacrificed himself to save Wynonna and the team.


It's hard to lose an original character, so Dolls' death was one of the hardest to come to terms with. With Nicole dangling off the side of a cliff, Wynonna trying to save her, Waverly gravely injured, and Doc unconscious, Dolls sacrificed himself for the team. His death was hard, but the grieving process that followed was almost unbearable.

5. Hayley sacrificed herself in order to save Hope in a heartbreaking moment in The Originals.

The CW

In her time on both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Hayley never shied away from being a total badass, and her final moments were no different. In order to save Hope, Hayley launched herself outside without a daylight ring, thus killing herself and Greta.

6. Also, The Originals concluded with Elijah and Klaus killing each other, proving that they were brothers until the very end.

The CW

In the series finale of The Originals, the Mikaelson brothers died exactly how they always lived: together. Elijah and Klaus staked each other after it was revealed that Klaus was going to die regardless.

7. Arrow said farewell to an original cast member when Quentin Lance was killed during Diaz's reign of terror on Star City.

The CW

Another original cast member we said farewell to this year, Quentin died after saving Earth-2's Laurel from Ricardo Diaz. The saddest part was watching Sara Lance's reaction to the whole ordeal.

8. Fear the Walking Dead delivered a major shocker when Madison was killed — she had been the central character until this point.


This death was a shocking one, considering Madison had been the series' main character. In typical The Walking Dead universe fashion, Madison was killed after blowing up a hoard of walkers in order to save her family.

9. Also in Fear the Walking Dead, Nick was shockingly shot by Charlie in a moment we're still talking about.


Another major Fear the Walking Dead death this year, Nick was shot by Charlie, a young girl from a competing group of survivors. This one was crazy considering Madison was also killed this season. Also, can we stop killing everyone Alicia loves?

10. During Scandal's series finale, David Rosen ended up being killed by Cyrus and we're still bitter about it.


Scandal couldn't come to an end without killing someone, we're just sad that it had to be David Rosen. Cyrus was by far one of the most despicable characters on TV, so it was no surprise that he poisoned and then smothered everyone's favorite character.

11. Fitz was crushed to death under a pile of rubble, leading to heartbreaking moments for every character in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


While there is another version of Fitz still frozen in space somewhere, it didn't make his death in the present day any less painful. From Mack and Melinda being there when he died to Jemma's wordless reaction, this was one of the hardest deaths to process this year.

12. Although Jiya tried to stop it, Rufus eventually died in Timeless — his death even led to a huge online campaign, #SaveRufus.


No matter how hard the Time Team tried, they just couldn't save Rufus from his inevitable death. Even worse: The show was originally cancelled and we never would've known if Lucy, Wyatt, and Jiya succeeded in trying to save Rufus again. The good news is there's a two-hour wrap up movie coming where we will get some answers.

13. Given that the show is called Killing Eve, I don’t know why I was so shocked when Villanelle killed Bill, but here we are.

BBC America

Personally, I was completely shocked when Villanelle killed Bill in the middle of the dance floor. You'd think a show about a psychopathic assassin wouldn't be able to surprise me with death, but Killing Eve did just that.

14. In The Haunting of Hill House, Nell returned to Hill House and ended up dying in one of the most emotional moments from 2018.


Nell Crain's death came early in the series, but set the stage for some incredible storytelling. Not only did her funeral lead to an incredible episode comprised of only five shots, but the story of the Bent-Neck Lady made her death all the more heartbreaking.

15. How to Get Away With Murder gave us another shocking death this year when Nate Sr. was murdered right before being released from prison.


While How to Get Away With Murder deals with a gruesome death every season, this one came out of nowhere. After Annalise delivered the good news to Nate that his father was getting out of prison, Nate Sr. was brutally murdered.

16. While he wasn't in very many episodes, Costas's death in Pose led to a memorable performance from Billy Porter.


There's a reason we're so happy that Billy Porter was nominated for a 2019 Golden Globe Award for his work in Pose. This heartbreaking scene where Costas died in Pray Tell's arms was a tear-jerker.

17. You know AHS: Apocalypse couldn't end with Michael Langdon surviving, but it was still a shock to see Mallory actually vanquish him.


Even though he was evil, we were still devastated when Michael Langdon died because that meant having to say goodbye to the charming Cody Fern. In an epic moment for the series, not only did Mallory run young Michael over with her car, but then Constance refused to save him.

18. Alisa Jones's character arc was so good in Jessica Jones Season 2 that it was incredibly shocking when Trish ended up killing her in front of Jessica.


All season long Trish was headed down a dangerous path, but nothing she did was as brutal as murdering Alisa. While Trish said she was doing it to save Jessica, we still can't believe she went through with it.

19. Everyone's favorite trickster, Gabriel, sacrificed himself to save the Winchesters in Supernatural.

The CW

A fan-favorite character until the very end. Gabriel ended up sacrificing himself to save Sam and Dean, but it didn't make his death any easier. Gabriel gave us some of the most iconic Supernatural episodes, and we hope he somehow makes a return.

20. Jerome Valeska's death in Gotham meant we bid farewell to one of the best comic book TV villains to date.


Jerome Valeska's death was particularly hard because he had become such an iconic villain on Gotham. Dangling from a roof, Jerome decided to fall to his death instead of letting Gordon help him. His final words were that his legacy would live on in Gotham City.

21. And finally, so many Riverdale characters died this year between The Black Hood and Gryphons & Gargoyles.

The CW

From Midge dying Carrie-style to Joaquin dying during this weird Gryphons & Gargoyles nonsense, it feels like we've lost a lot of characters on Riverdale this year. Here's hoping 2019 doesn't claim too many more victims in the name of the Gargoyle King.

Which TV character's death was hardest for you this year? Sound off in the comments below!

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