13 Side-By-Side Pictures Of The "Riverdale" Musical Episode Vs. The Original "Carrie" Movie

    Riverdale and Carrie spoilers ahead!

    1. Cheryl Blossom as Carrie White:

    2. Archie Andrews as Tommy Ross:

    3. Betty Cooper as Sue Snell:

    4. Veronica Lodge as Chris Hargensen:

    5. Alice Cooper as Margaret White:

    6. Chuck Clayton as Billy Nolan:

    7. Toni Topaz presumably as Norma:

    8. Ethel Muggs presumably as Helen:

    9. Cheryl threatens her mother after she covers herself in blood. In Carrie, Carrie is dowsed with blood at prom:

    10. In the episode, Archie and Fred argue about the car Hiram gave him. In Carrie, Billy's car is an important symbol when Chris tries to take down Carrie:

    11. On opening night of the musical, Kevin wears a tux that’s almost identical to Tommy’s in Carrie:

    12. Cheryl threatens to burn down Thistlehouse if her mother doesn't leave. In Carrie, Margaret and Carrie are both trapped inside their house as it burns:

    13. And finally, the shocking reveal that Midge has been killed by the Black Hood mimics Margaret's death in Carrie: