Here Are All The BTS Moments From Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Before, During, And After The Chiefs Winning The 2024 Super Bowl

    Following their Super Bowl win, the Kansas City Chiefs partied in Vegas, and it included Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift singing "You Belong with Me" in a club.

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    1. First, Taylor Swift arrived at Super Bowl LVIII —where the Kansas City Chiefs took on the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas — alongside Blake Lively, Ice Spice, and her mom, Andrea Swift.

    2. Jason Kelce introduced himself to Ice Spice after saying hi to Taylor, and it started a whole new meme.

    3. During the Chiefs' intro at the beginning of the game, Travis Kelce said, "Are you ready for it?" and then winked.

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    4. Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce were spotted in the suite before the game started, with many commenting on Kylie's incredible commitment to never wearing Chiefs gear.

    5. And here's Kylie chatting with Taylor alongside Taylor's dad, Scott Swift, who has really embraced the Chiefs gear.

    6. Taylor and Blake hugged during Post Malone's performance of "America the Beautiful," and then they started laughing when they seemingly realized they were on camera.

    7. Before the game, Taylor held hands with Lana Del Rey, who would later join Taylor, Ice Spice, Blake, and more in their booth.

    8. Taylor literally picked up Blake after wide receiver Mecole Hardman caught a deep pass from Patrick Mahomes in the second quarter.

    9. Ryan Reynolds, who notably debuted the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 trailer during the Super Bowl, posted this pic celebrating the trailer. He hilariously added, "Also has anyone seen my wife?"

    10. During the game, Taylor was shown on the jumbotron at Allegiant Stadium, and she fully embraced the sports tradition of chugging your drink if you end up on the big screen.

    NFL / Via

    11. Blake got really into the intense back-and-forth game, and everyone loved it.

    no thoughts just blake lively saying shut the fuck up

    — chloe (@smoakinghaught) February 12, 2024
    CBS / Via Twitter: @smoakinghaught

    12. Keleigh Teller posted this photo of Miles Teller, Jason, and some friends hanging out in their box at Allegiant Stadium.

    13. This 49ers fan had the best Taylor-related sign that said, "[Love] U Tay, but I'm faithful to the Bay."

    14. Here's Paul McCartney going to say hi to Taylor and then Ed Kelce meeting him. Like, Ed, congrats.

    15. After Travis caught a big first down in the fourth quarter with the 49ers up 16-13, Taylor got excited that the team was driving down the field.

    16. Then, with just three minutes left in the fourth quarter and the scored tied at 16-16, Taylor looked a little stressed.

    17. With 13 plays, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs drove down the field and sealed their back-to-back Super Bowl victory with a pass from Patrick to Mecole Hardman in the end zone. Taylor, Blake, and Travis's friends and family erupted in celebration in their suite.

    18. And here's another shot of Ice Spice, Taylor, and Blake literally jumping for joy after the Chiefs won in overtime.

    19. Donna Kelce and Taylor held hands as they stood on the field and watched Travis, Patrick, coach Andy Reid, and more on the podium after the big win.

    20. Here's Travis blowing a kiss to Taylor as he stood on the championship podium. Like, this photo is straight out of a rom-com.

    21. And here's Taylor blowing a kiss, which appeared to be toward Brittany Mahomes and her son, Bronze.

    22. Taylor couldn't contain her laugh as Travis was up on the podium screaming, "Viva Las Vegas" and his signature, "You've gotta fight for your right to party."

    23. Travis and Taylor embraced and kissed on the field.

    24. And here they are hugging in a sea of people also celebrating the big win.

    25. When they reunited, you can hear Travis ask Taylor, "Come here, girl... Was it electric?" and her reply, "It was unbelievable. One of the craziest things I've ever experienced."

    Travis Kelce with a hug for his mother and kisses for Taylor Swift

    — Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) February 12, 2024
    Jonathan Jones / NFL on CBS / Via

    26. On the field during the celebration, Taylor hugged Tommy Townsend, the punter for the Chiefs.

    27. Here's Taylor in the middle of the Chiefs' celebration, namely as Mecole Hardman and Travis met up.

    28. As the CBS broadcast showed Taylor and Travis embracing on the field, Nate Burleson commented about the clear "real love" between them.

    29. The NFL GameDay postgame pointed out all of the wild coincidences at the Super Bowl that related back to Taylor's lucky number 13.

    never beating the taywitch allegations

    — The Swift Society (@TheSwiftSociety) February 12, 2024
    NFL GameDay / Via Twitter: @TheSwiftSociety

    30. During his postgame press conference, Travis responded following a reporter asking if "any couple has had a better week" after Taylor won Album of the Year at the Grammys and now Travis won the Super Bowl.

    31. At the Chiefs' afterparty, Travis and Patrick got on stage with the Chainsmokers, who were the DJs.

    32. While on stage with the Chainsmokers, a remix of Taylor's "You Belong with Me" started playing, and Travis was seen singing along.

    📹| Travis really appreciated "You Belong With Me" tonight 😄

    — Taylor Swift Updates 🤍 (@swifferupdates) February 12, 2024
    @swifferupdates / Via Twitter: @swifferupdates

    Here's Taylor singing along to "You Belong with Me," too.

    This is everything! #TaylorSwift celebrating the #Chiefs win at Zouk Nightclub @ResortsWorldLV. #SuperBowl @vegasrevealed

    — Dayna Roselli (@DaynaRoselli) February 12, 2024
    Dayna Roselli / X / Via

    33. And finally, Travis and Taylor were also spotted dancing (and kissing) as "Love Story" played.

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dancing and kissing at the Chiefs #SuperBowl afterparty.

    — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) February 12, 2024
    Pop Crave / The Eras Tour / Via
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