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    "Schitt's Creek" Was Just Nominated For Several 2019 Emmy Awards And It's Simply The Best

    "What is your favorite season?" "Awards."

    After five seasons, Schitt's Creek was FINALLY nominated for four 2019 Emmy Awards!

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    The series was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series.

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    Both Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy were nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress and Actor in a Comedy Series respectively.

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    Catherine and Eugene previously won Emmy Awards in the '80s for writing episodes of Second City TV Network.

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    Schitt's Creek also scooped up a nomination for Outstanding Contemporary Costumes — I'm glad someone has recognized the sheer brilliance of Moira's outfits.

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    Schitt's Creek is no doubt one of the best comedy series currently airing and is also extremely underrated, so this is a HUGE moment for the show.

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek / Via Twitter: @SchittsCreek

    Dan Levy was the first of the cast to post something about the nominations with this tweet:

    Twitter: @danjlevy / Via Twitter: @danjlevy

    And if you really want to get emotional, the replies to Dan's tweet are simply the best:

    @danjlevy Congratulations Dan!!! No one deserves ALL the awards more than you guys do. Like legit you should win categories the show isn’t even in. That’s how good you are. 💖😭

    Twitter: @rainbowjulia95

    @danjlevy You fucking did it. Despite no pricey campaign. People just love you that fucking much. You have earned this 100x over, and it is such a victory for the sheer power of your work and your spirit. Love love love.

    Twitter: @nataliefisher

    @danjlevy Couldn't think of a person or show more deserving!!! You really have changed the world and people are seeing it! ❤️ We love you @danjlevy @SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @LeonieWoolf
    Twitter: @taravk1

    The nominations for Schitt's Creek come after the cast and crew created their own Emmy consideration campaign.

    Basically, the series couldn't afford big billboards to get Emmy voters attention, so our little Canadian series did it themselves via social media.

    So, this is the best news I've heard all day and I'm going to be rooting for Schitt's Creek at the Emmys in September.

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    Schitt's Creek will return for its final season in 2020.