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19 Reasons Why Shawn Mendes Is A National Treasure And We Need To Protect Him

He's literally the definition of adorable.

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1. First, when he talked about the mutual appreciation he and his fans have for each other:

GQ / Via

2. When he created the #NotesFromShawn campaign to help spread positivity amongst his fans and the world:

Instagram: @shawnmendes / Via

3. He proved that he's the nicest human being when he barely could yell at a random person while filming Carpool Karaoke:

CBS / Via

4. When he couldn't keep his obsession with Harry Potter a secret any longer:

CBS / Via

5. When he was super embarrassed reading thirst tweets and barely could read some of them:


6. When he reflected on how far he has come since 2013:

I remember tweeting this like it was yesterday. Grateful right now. Thank u x

Twitter: @ShawnMendes / Via Twitter: @ShawnMendes

7. When he thanked his fans for pre-ordering his first album, Handwritten, with a handwritten note:

Instagram: @shawnmendes / Via

8. When he revealed that his guitar tattoo features a sound wave of his mom, dad, and sister saying "I love you":

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

9. And then, when he got this adorable elephant tattoo and revealed it matches one that his mom has too:

Instagram: @shawnmendes

10. When he had this unbelievable fan encounter proving that he can never let people down:

YouTube / Via

11. When he fell on stage while performing and just couldn't help but laugh at himself:

LOL yep. Im ok but also that was insane hahahahaha

Twitter: @ShawnMendes / Via Twitter: @ShawnMendes

12. When he had this awkward run in with Queen Elizabeth II after performing at her 92nd birthday party:

NBC / Via

13. And then, when he was totally star struck by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, just like the rest of us would be:

NBC / Via

14. When he revealed the sweet reason why his third album was titled Shawn Mendes:

I wanted to stamp this moment in time at 19 because ive never felt so true to myself #ShawnMendesTheAlbum

Twitter: @ShawnMendes / Via Twitter: @ShawnMendes

15. When he proved to be the dorky older brother that embarrasses his sister:

Instagram: @shawnmendes / Via

16. When he was also adorably terrified by loud noises: / Via

17. When he was just super happy about meeting a kangaroo IRL:

Instagram: @shawnmendes / Via Instagram: @shawnmendes

18. When he hung out with Niall Horan backstage and was just as excited about it as we were:

BBC Music / Via

19. And finally, when he gave this response when asked if he would date a fan or not:

GQ / Via

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