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    Here Are 29 Items That Actors Actually Stole From TV Or Movie Sets

    Sandra Oh took the rug from Cristina and Owen's apartment on Grey's Anatomy.

    1. First, Chris Hemsworth has stolen multiple of Thor's hammers from the set of Thor and Avengers — in fact, he even keeps one in his bathroom.

    2. Friends star Matt LeBlanc took the Magna Doodle from the back of Chandler and Joey's door and gave it to the electrician who always drew the doodles.

    3. Also, Matthew Perry took the "cookie time" clock that was on top of Monica and Rachel's fridge and gifted it to Lisa Kudrow.

    4. Kristen Stewart swiped Bella's engagement ring from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. She also stole a mood ring that Bella's mom gave to her.

    5. Sean Astin actually stole One-Eyed Willy's treasure map from The Goonies, however he thinks his mom accidentally got rid of it after he moved out.

    6. Sandra Oh stole the rug that was in Owen and Cristina's apartment on Grey's Anatomy — she actually has it in her living room.

    7. Norman Reedus stole Rick's beard clippings and Hershel's ponytail from the set of The Walking Dead.

    8. Jennifer Lawrence stole Katniss's hunting jacket and boots from The Hunger Games.

    9. Meanwhile, Josh Hutcherson took home the locket that Peeta gave to Katniss in Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

    10. Chris Pratt took home Star-Lord's iconic red jacket from Guardian's of the Galaxy — he said he took it so he could dress up and visit children's hospitals dressed as the character.

    11. Daniel Radcliffe swiped Harry's glasses from the first Harry Potter movie and the last one.

    12. After wrapping Game of Thrones's final season, Maisie Williams took home one of Arya's brown jackets.

    13. Sophia Bush took the check that Millie wrote to Brooke when Clothes Over Bros first opened on One Tree Hill.

    14. How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders took home the Robin Sparkles jean jacket.

    15. Meanwhile, Neil Patrick Harris kept Barney's playbook and the booth that the gang always sat in at MacLaren's Pub.

    16. Parks and Rec star Adam Scott took the name plate on Ben's desk that read, "Ben Wyatt, City Manager."

    17. Aaron Paul stole Gus Fring's blown-off head from the set of Breaking Bad — in fact, he keeps it right in his living room at his house.

    18. Dakota Johnson stole a bunch of Anastasia's underwear from the Fifty Shades of Grey set.

    19. The Office star Jenna Fischer took home Pam's signature hair clip that she wore almost every day for all nine seasons.

    20. After Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Alexis Bledel took one of the Yale banners that Rory had in her room.

    21. Also, Lauren Graham stole a few framed photos from Lorelai and Rory's house as well as an apple refrigerator magnet.

    22. The Crown star Matt Smith took home one of the programs from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillips's wedding in Season 1.

    23. After wrapping the first Deadpool film, Ryan Reynolds took home Deadpool's signature suit.

    24. Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville stole a letter that Henry Talbot wrote to his character Lord Grantham.

    25. Andrew Garfield swiped one of his Spider-Man costumes from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    26. Gina Torres took some bullets and Zoë's hair pieces after Firefly was sadly cancelled.

    27. Ian McKellen stole the keys to Bag End, Bilbo Baggins's house, from the set of The Lord of the Rings — he also stole some gold coins from the dragon's lair.

    28. The Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio took Daniel's headband and trophy — later on, he also got the car that the iconic "wax on, wax off" scene took place on.

    29. And finally, Chadwick Boseman stole T'Challa's Kimoyo beads from the set of Black Panther.

    Do you know of any actors that walked off with famous props? Tell us in the comments below!