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    Daniel Radcliffe Revealed Which "Harry Potter" Death He's Still Not Over

    The boy who...played with puppies.

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    What's the only thing that could be more exciting than spending a morning with Daniel Radcliffe? The answer is, obviously, spending a morning with Daniel Radcliffe while he answered YOUR fan questions while playing with puppies.


    And, since Daniel was in NYC for his new Broadway run in The Lifespan of a Fact, that's exactly what we got to do:

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    1. A theme of The Lifespan of a Fact is fact vs. fiction. What's the craziest rumor you've ever heard about yourself?


    Daniel: I heard that I had got the SAS to walk my dogs — the most elite military force in the UK. I also heard that I was having beer brewed by monks in Belgium in a monastery specially, because I'm so specific about the beer I like.

    2. Did you keep anything from the Harry Potter set?


    Daniel: Yes, I did keep the glasses from the Harry Potter set. I kept one pair of glasses, and I think other little bits and pieces of props that I stole along the way.

    3. Can you explain why you don't really use social media?


    Daniel: Yeah, 'cause it seems really stressful. I never see somebody going, "Oh, I just checked my Twitter and this great thing happened." Or like, "I can't wait to get onto Facebook tonight." It would just be another thing to do. I can barely keep up with email. I'm quite happy to see my friends when I see them, and what's happened in their life will be a surprise, not something that I've read about already.

    4. What's your go-to karaoke song?


    Daniel: "The Real Slim Shady." I probably shouldn't have mentioned that, because now people will go to that YouTube video, but it exists. So, you would have found it anyway eventually.

    5. Which death in Harry Potter was the hardest for you to get over?


    Daniel: It was Sirius. Definitely. Also because it meant at the time I didn't know if I would be working with Gary Oldman again and that was very sad. I adored Gary and working with him was an incredibly formative experience in my life. And the character's death just comes so out of the blue as well. That was a real shocker.

    6. When are you and Elijah Wood finally going to do a project about brothers or mistaken identity?


    Daniel: I don't know. I would love to do something with Elijah Wood where we play brothers. I don't know if he'd be up for it, but I can only speak for myself — I'm on board. Whoever wrote the question, you go write the script!

    7. What's your favorite thing about being on Broadway?


    Daniel: It sounds like a cheesy answer, but the Broadway community as a whole. They just want to get you into the community and make you feel welcome.

    8. When is the last time you watched a Harry Potter movie?


    Daniel: I think maybe at the premiere. Maybe at the premiere of the last one. I'll have seen bits and pieces of them since...

    9. Who was your celebrity crush growing up?


    Daniel: The first poster I had on my wall was Cameron Diaz. I was pretty infatuated with Kirsten Dunst after I saw Get Over It and Spider-Man. That whole upside-down kiss moment, that was a moment to a lot of us.

    10. Instead of puppies, which magical creature would you want to play with while you answer fan questions — if you could?


    Daniel: Dragons! I'd want to answer fan questions while I play with dragons. That's a very rude question to ask in front of the puppies, please.

    11. If you could have one object from the Wizarding World, what would it be?


    Daniel: Maybe just, like, the hologram of myself. Because I find it quite creepy. And I'd rather I contained it, and not the rest of the world.

    12. What is the best personal or career advice you've ever gotten?


    Daniel: My dad gave me a great piece of advice once, which is when you meet people to get your hand out first. I guess, like, create an impression of enthusiasm when you meet people and it gets you off on the right foot. And, I've always sort of done that and stuck to it. And so far — yeah, that's a good one.

    Want to see Daniel IRL too? Check him out in The Lifespan of a Fact on Broadway. The play is currently in previews and opens on October 18!

    Taylor Miller/BuzzFeed

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