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21 Movies Starring Celebs Before They Were Super Famous That Are Worth Revisiting

The cast of Short Term 12 is actually perfect.

1. Short Term 12

2. The Impossible

3. Out of Sight

4. Fighting with My Family

5. I Could Never Be Your Woman

6. Dear White People

7. St. Vincent

8. That Thing You Do!

9. 42

10. The Man in the Moon

11. Never Been Kissed

12. Panic Room

13. Real Women Have Curves

14. Miss Stevens

15. Sideways

16. Wet Hot American Summer

17. Catch Me If You Can

18. Our Song

19. Parenthood

20. About Time

21. And finally, Mystic Pizza

Are there more movies starring actors before they were super famous that you love? Tell us in the comments below!