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    19 Luke Perry Stories That Show What An Amazing Person He Was

    "Just a humble, decent dude."

    1. This story of Luke visiting One Day at a Time actor, Santina Muha, in the hospital:

    I’m praying for #LukePerry . This is a man who drove to Chatsworth, CA to visit one of his biggest fans in the hospital, stayed for an hour, called later to check in - with no agenda or press. He’s a great person & I’m just sad for him & hope he has a full & fast recovery. ♥️🙏🏼

    2. This touching account of Luke helping out during a flood in Tennessee in 2010:

    Y’all might know Luke Perry had some land here in Tennessee. Maybe you don’t know that during the flood of 2010, he was out there bringing people food, bottles of water, and shoes. Just a humble, decent dude.

    3. This anecdote of Luke being a truly caring next-door neighbor:

    Luke Perry was a truly lovely next-door neighbor to my grandfather and aunt. Like, he came over to replace light bulbs all the time. Sending so much love to his family. This is the worst.

    4. This incredible plane story from Colin Hanks:

    5. This revelation from Riverdale showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, that Luke would call him before shooting every one of his scenes for the show:

    So heartbroken about Luke. He was a father, brother, friend, and mentor. Each night before he had to shoot a scene, he’d call me and we’d talk about...everything. I will miss those calls. And my heart goes out to all his family and friends. 💔

    6. This account from an employee at Luke's regular coffee shop, Lulu's Café:

    Facebook: bradleybumper

    7. This reminder that Luke literally leapt off stage mid-show to help people:

    Regarding the heartbreaking news of Luke Perry's passing today, here's my favorite story about the guy: The time a chandelier fell during a West End production of When Harry Met Sally, so Perry JUMPED OFF THE STAGE to help injured audience members

    8. This incredible anecdote about Luke's secret briefcase, told by actor Nick Zano:

    9. This beautiful thread from actor Heather Matarazzo:

    He was my first real lesson in kindness and peer to peer generosity. He went out of his way to make sure that I was included. He didn't have to; he chose to and that will stay with me forever. Thank you, bud. Your kindness lives on. #RIPLukePerry

    10. This iconic story from the 2008 Writers Strike:

    11. This campaign story that demonstrates Luke's total humility:

    I met Luke Perry in ‘06 - he came home to Ohio to campaign for Sherrod Brown (Sherrod’s father, a Mansfield doctor, delivered Luke). Luke did events across Ohio. We offered a driver, but his high school buddy drove him in a beat up car. Zero ego. I’m very sorry for his family.

    12. This story about how Luke made sure to thank every reporter that interviewed him:

    Luke Perry was one of the most genuine, kindhearted, and thoughtful actors I've ever had the chance to meet. When I last saw him at NYCC, he made sure to thank each reporter at my press table, saying how much he appreciated us being there. Just the nicest guy. I'll miss him. RIP.

    13. This interrupted dinner story that ended in an amazing photo:

    Met Luke Perry when I was 20. I interrupted his dinner & he kindly took a pic w/ me. One of the most humble & kind people I’ve ever met. Blessed to have had that chance. I’m heartbroken he is gone way too soon. #LukePerry #90210 #RIPLukePerry

    14. This incredibly pure anecdote about Luke as a customer:

    15. This early story about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie from Joss Whedon:

    The first time I met Luke Perry we talked about what kind of movie we wanted “Buffy” to be. I asked if he’d ever seen “Near Dark” and he gave me a look of HOW DARE YOU SIR and I knew we’d get along. Funny, committed, and always gracious. He shouldn’t be gone.

    16. This pure gentlemanly story:

    My Luke Perry story: while at a party, I nearly fell each time someone stepped on the train of my dress. The party was filled with young Hollywood stars, but it was Luke who came to my rescue by offering me his arm and carrying my train until I left the party. A true gentleman.

    17. This thread full of anecdotes, each more incredible than the last:

    On my first day in the mailroom at Paradigm, he called down to congratulate me and wish me luck, and that’s the last we spoke 15 or so years ago. He was a sweet, decent, man, and I am sorry that he is gone.

    18. This epic train ride to Comic Con:

    Ugh Luke Perry ... I sat next to you on the train to comic con & talked your ear off ... u listened, threw me a couple laughs & were the most humble, gracious person to a stranger who didn’t have a place to sit. I hate when we lose the good guys. RIP Luke 💔

    19. And this excerpt from a note that perfectly summarizes Luke's total kindness to his fans: