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    Kumail Nanjiani Discussed Acting Alongside The "Beautiful" Ewan McGregor In "Obi-Wan Kenobi" And More While Playing With Kittens

    Kumail Nanjiani explaining how Ewan McGregor is so beautiful that it was easy to forget his own lines while filming a scene with him is, honestly, a whole mood.

    Oh, hi! A few weeks ago, Kumail Nanjiani — yes, adorable cinnamon roll and hilarious human Kumail Nanjiani — swung by BuzzFeed to do our kitten interview. It was absolutely perfect. I mean, just look at this photo:

    Kumail looking at the camera as he holds two cats

    To celebrate his new Hulu miniseries Welcome to Chippendales, we asked Kumail all of your burning questions about Eternals; working with his wife, Emily Gordon, on The Big Sick; Obi-Wan Kenobi and Silicon Valley; and so much more.

    He revealed how much he fell in love with his fellow Welcome to Chippendales cast members — who include Dan Stevens, Annaleigh Ashford, Murray Bartlett, and Juliette Lewis — and how he regularly asked them for help on some of the more challenging scenes.

    Kumail in a scene from the film watching others make a toast

    Kumail also said which stunt from MCU's Eternals took him over 20 tries to get right, and even then, it was hard.

    Kumail with kittens saying "There's a scene we had in the forest where we have a fight, and I have to do this slid that took me 24 tries; I think we got two takes that were good"

    And he reminisced about writing The Big Sick alongside his wife, Emily Gordon, and how the movie allowed both of them to realize how differently they experienced this huge part of their lives.

    Kumail with Emily

    Also, just, like, this might be one of the most calming kitten interviews we've ever done, and Kumail was so sweet with every single, he makes sure he learns all of their names 🥺.

    Kumail kissing a kitten's head and saying "I hold my cat like a baby, like this, so that's how I'm used to holding a cat"

    You can check out our full kitten interview with Kumail Nanjiani below:

    View this video on YouTube

    BuzzFeed Celeb / Via

    And be sure to watch Welcome to Chippendales, which starts streaming on Hulu on Nov. 22.

    Also, all of these adorable kittens are available for adoption through Perry's Place: Heaven on Earth in Los Angeles.

    Kumail holding two kittens