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    Sophia Bush And Ilana Glazer Gushed Over Their Mutual Love Of Tatiana Maslany, And It's Very Important To Me

    "I got my SAG card because in high school I did a Kit Kat commercial."

    Listen, two of my favorite shows in the world are Broad City and One Tree Hill. So you can imagine my absolute over-the-top excitement when it comes to Ilana Glazer and Sophia Bush starring in False Positive TOGETHER.

    Written by Ilana and John Lee, False Positive follows Lucy and Adrian, a couple who is having a hard time conceiving until they find the fertility doctor of their dreams. However, Lucy begins to notice that their doctor's charm might just be a facade as she unravels the mystery surrounding him.

    Adrian hugging Lucy from behind as they stand by a crib

    So, to celebrate False Positive, we had Ilana and Sophia take our costar test to find out how much they know about each other, and they ended up adorably learning a lot.

    Like, Sophia revealed that her first ever acting job was for a Kit Kat commercial, while Ilana's was for a "Dance Dance Revolution copycat" commercial.

    And Ilana shared her favorite scene to film with Sophia for False Positive and how it was just a wild shoot day.

    Ilana said, "My favorite with you was when we did the reshoots inside of the cafe and I was like, really going nuts"

    Sophia and Ilana even learned about their mutual love for Tatiana Maslany's award-worthy performance in Orphan Black after Sophia told a story about how she freaked out while meeting her.

    I mean, honestly, this would be me.

    You can watch our full video with Ilana and Sophia below!

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    And be sure to watch them in False Positive, which is streaming now on Hulu.

    Lucy cradling her baby bump at her baby shower as Sophia's character holds up a gift bag