12 Reasons To Be Excited For "Orphan Black: The Next Chapter" Straight From Tatiana Maslany

    The series is set eight years after Orphan Black ended!

    It has been two years since Orphan Black ended and we said goodbye to Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel, and the rest of the clones.

    Now, Clone Club is returning in a whole new way with a continuation audiobook series called Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, which is narrated by Tatiana Maslany.

    To celebrate the upcoming release, Tatiana Maslany sat down with BuzzFeed to tell us what Orphan Black fans can expect from the new series.

    1. First, Orphan Black: The Next Chapter is set eight years after the end of Orphan Black — Tatiana said the characters are "the same, yet so different."

    2. As of right now, Tatiana thinks that Cosima has changed the most in the last eight years.

    3. Orphan Black: The Next Chapter will explore how Cosima and Delphine's "dynamic has shifted."

    4. New clones that were never seen on the show will show up in the audiobooks.

    5. Not only is Tatiana voicing all of the clones, but she's lending her voice to other characters from the series, like Art, Donnie, Delphine, and Kira.

    6. Basically, Tatiana had to learn how to switch between characters in a matter of seconds, which has been "its own challenge."

    7. She joked that fans "might be disappointed that Evelyne [Brochu] isn't doing the voice" of Delphine.

    8. Tatiana has been involved with the project since the beginning and was excited to dive back into all of the old characters.

    9. Some of the clones were "tough" to get back into after two years — Tatiana listened to songs that helped her get into character during the original series.

    10. Tatiana is still recording the audiobooks, however she hasn't seen a lot from Helena so far. 👀

    11. The audiobook is written in a unique way where there isn't an omnipresent narrator, instead you're always in the head of a character.

    12. And finally, Tatiana was excited to do this new series for the fans who were still "connected" to the series.

    Serial Box's Orphan Black: The Next Chapter comes out on Sept. 12.

    A previous version of this . post said the series was set 10 years after Orphan Black instead of eight.