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    21 Behind-The-Scenes Facts That’ll Make These Heartbreaking TV Moments Even More Memorable

    "I loved Finn and he loved me, and he loved all of you guys."

    🚨Warning: MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, David Harbour recorded himself reading Hopper's letter to Eleven on Stranger Things, and that's what Millie Bobby Brown was listening to while filming the scene.


    2. After filming the moment when Jackson and April's son died on Grey's Anatomy, Sarah Drew actually went into premature labor with her daughter.


    Sarah explained that her daughter, Hannah, "was born a month early and was in the NICU for two weeks" before going home. Hannah is now 5 years old.

    3. Most of the Grey's Anatomy cast members didn't know Lexie was going to die and Chyler Leigh was leaving the series until the table read for "Flight."


    4. Before filming "The Quarterback" episode of Glee, the cast and crew held a memorial for Cory Monteith where cast members sang and people spoke about him.


    Lea Michele explained, "It only felt right that we would do the same thing for Finn, so I felt it was very therapeutic."

    5. Jason Segel didn't know Marshall's dad was going to die on How I Met Your Mother until they filmed the episode, so the final cut features his genuine reaction to the news.


    6. Craig T. Nelson and Mae Whitman improvised the entire moment on Parenthood when Zeek took Amber to see her wrecked car after her horrific car crash.


    7. On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Will cried in Uncle Phil's arms and wondered why his dad didn't want him, James Avery whispered in Will Smith's ear, "That's fucking acting right there."


    8. Right before filming the scene when Jane got the phone call about Michael's death on Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez listened to a recording Brett Dier made for her that detailed how much he loved her.

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    9. Sarah Michelle Gellar filmed the single-shot scene when Buffy found Joyce's body on Buffy the Vampire Slayer only "three or four times," and it was like a "choreographed dance" between Sarah and the crew.

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    Sarah elaborated, saying, "It’s not just hard on me emotionally, but the camera guy had to hold the camera the whole time, the soundman had to hold the mic and not be in the shot. I always say that performance was all of us together."

    10. Also on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there was originally a longer conversation between Buffy and Dawn when Buffy told her that Joyce died.

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    Michelle Trachtenberg told Entertainment Weekly, "The whole scene was scripted. And then, at the very end, he did the shot that was the one used, which was silent and just her telling me and my reaction."

    11. On The Good Place, the moment when Chidi told Eleanor that he was ready to leave the Good Place was actually the last scene Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper filmed.


    12. While you only see Jax, Tig, and Chibs during Opie's final moments on Sons of Anarchy, the entire cast was actually standing there so Ryan Hurst could see all of them during his final scene.


    Creator Kurt Sutter explained, "I do know that Ryan had requested that the guys be there for those final moments so he could actually look out over the guys that he’s been working with for the last five seasons. It was very emotional."

    13. On Friday Night Lights, Zach Gilford remembered "freaking out" before filming "The Son" — he was worried he wasn't good enough to pull off such an emotional episode.


    14. The cast of M*A*S*H didn't find out Lt. Col. Henry Blake was going to die until a minute before filming the memorable scene — creator Larry Gelbart kept the final page of the script a secret until then.


    15. Rita Moreno broke down in tears during the table read for the One Day at a Time episode in which Elena confronted Victor, who stopped talking to her after she came out.


    16. The Magicians cast, besides Jason Ralph, didn't know Quentin was going to die while filming the Season 4 finale — the "Take on Me" scene preceded a fake scene in which Quentin actually lived.


    Jason Ralph explained, "There was a dummy scene at the end of the script that washed all of that away and found a way for Quentin to survive. So everyone — the crew and [the cast] — was under the impression that’s what was actually going to happen."

    17. On Orange Is the New Black, the original pitch for Pennsatucky's death was that she would find out she passed the GED exam, then would accidentally overdose.


    In the final version, Pennsatucky overdosed before she found out she passed the exam.

    18. On Fleabag, the moment when Fleabag told the Priest that she thinks she's screwing up her life in the confessional was filmed in a real church.

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    Andrew Scott found it "sort of sacrilegious" filming "something like this" in a real church.

    19. On Wynonna Earp, Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Zoie Palmer barely spoke and didn't look at each other in between takes in order to get the raw emotion between Waverly and Jolene just right.


    Zoie said, "But we gave each other the biggest hug ever after the final 'cut' was called."

    20. While filming Charlie's death on Lost, Dominic Monaghan stayed in neck-deep water for about seven hours without any breaks.


    21. And finally, between The Walking Dead Season 6 finale and the Season 7 premiere, it took a total of six days to film Glenn's and Abraham's deaths.