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    11 Theories About What TF Actually Happened Between Kate And Jeanette On "Cruel Summer"

    Please don't pull a Pretty Little Liars.

    WARNING: Massive spoilers ahead!!!

    Note: This post contains mentions of grooming and abuse.

    So, my latest TV obsession is, without a doubt, Freeform's Cruel Summer. I literally cannot stop thinking about this show and all of the ways it could go.

    Kate and Jamie in the pilot

    If you're here, I'm going to assume you already know the gist of the show. But the basic premise is that the story takes place over three different summers (1993, 1994, and 1995) and follows what happens when Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) is accused of being connected to the disappearance of her classmate Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt).

    Jeanette and Kate running into each other at the mall in the pilot

    Anyhow!!! There are tons of theories about what really went down. Here are 11 fan theories I can't stop thinking about:

    🚨Last chance not to get spoiled!!! You've been warned!🚨

    1. Theory: There's a double-sided mirror in Martin's house — Kate could see Jeanette, but Jeanette couldn't see Kate.

    Jeanette looking at mirrors in Martin's house

    2. Theory: Mallory framed Jeanette.

    Jeanette hugs Mallory in 1994

    3. Theory: Jamie and Jeanette had sex in Martin's house.

    Jamie waking Jeanette up on her birthday in 1994

    4. Theory: Kate actually saw Jamie, not Jeanette.

    Kate thinks she sees Jeanette in the dunk tank, it turns out to actually be Jamie

    5. Theory: Martin set Jeanette up.

    Martin tells Kate everyone has given up on looking for her and that Jamie is now dating Jeanette

    6. Theory: Martin was also grooming Jeanette.

    Martin talking to Jeanette at the carnival

    7. Theory: Annabelle was Kate's secret baby.

    Kate writing "Anabelle" over and over

    8. Theory: Cindy was involved in Kate's kidnapping.

    Cindy and Jeanette chatting with Kate and her mom

    9. Theory: Annabelle is Kate's secret twin or split personality.

    10. Theory: Angela is an undercover detective and is only dating Greg to get close to Jeanette.

    Angela at the bar in Episode 6

    11. Final theory: Either Jeanette or Kate is straight-up lying.

    There you have it, folks! There are only three episodes left of Season 1, and the finale is expected to answer all of the burning questions we have. In the meantime, I'll be sitting here trying to come up with more theories!

    "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" detective board meme captioned, "Me trying to connect the dots after every episode"

    What are YOUR theories? Tell us in the comments below!