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    17 Disney Movie Deleted Scenes That Would've Changed These Movies Completely

    Toy Story originally featured a scene where Woody pushes Buzz out of a window.

    1. First, the alternate ending for The Lion King featured the audience watching as Scar is engulfed by flames following his battle with Simba.

    2. The original opening scene for The Incredibles featured the Parrs at a neighborhood barbecue when Bob accidentally chops off his own fingers and doesn't feel a thing, thus revealing that he's a superhero.

    3. In Frozen, there was originally a scene where Elsa uses her powers to torture two of Hans' guards that come searching for Anna.

    4. The original plot for Toy Story featured a scene where Woody pushes Buzz out of Andy's bedroom window because he's jealous that Buzz might be taken to Pizza Planet over him.

    5. In Coco, audiences were originally going to meet Hector when Miguel stumbled onto a celebrity bus tour in the land of the dead.

    6. Also, Coco originally featured a musical number that opened the film and explained El Día de los Muertos.

    7. In the original cut of Moana, Moana actually had six older brothers and they were the ones who taught her how to sail.

    8. In Lilo & Stitch, there was originally a scene where Lilo gets annoyed at some racist tourists on the beach.

    9. In Beauty and the Beast, there was originally an 11-minute musical montage called "Human Again."

    10. In Lady and the Tramp, there was originally an entire sequence where the dogs envision what life would be like if the roles of humans and dogs were reversed.

    11. Originally there was a scene in Cars where Lightning McQueen stumbles upon a graveyard of old cars while trying to find his way back to the interstate.

    12. In Pocahontas, John Smith and Pocahontas originally sang "If I Never Knew," a song that revealed that they love each other.

    13. In Pinocchio, Walt Disney and his animators originally developed a scene where Geppetto contemplates eating Cleo, his goldfish, while he's trapped inside the whale.

    14. In Dumbo, there was originally supposed to be a scene where Timothy spins an elaborate tale to Dumbo about why elephants are afraid of mice.

    15. Monsters University originally featured a scene where Mike and Sully actually meet in elementary school when Sully is picked for scare ball instead of Mike.

    16. Mulan originally featured a scene where Shan Yu destroys an entire village and it's revealed that he can actually see through his falcon's eyes.

    17. Finally, in Zootopia, there was actually a scene where Judy and Nick stumble upon a "taming party," where a bear is, heartbreakingly, being fitted for his first collar.

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