25 Celebs Who Were Literally Hidden In Plain Sight In These Popular Movies And Shows

    Daniel Craig appeared as a stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and now that I know, I don't know how I didn't recognize his voice the first time.

    There are some spoilers ahead!

    1. First, lifelong The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R Tolkein fan Stephen Colbert appeared in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug as a hooded spy in Laketown.

    man in a hood and eye patch

    2. In Scream (1996), director Wes Craven made a cameo as Fred, a janitor working at Woodsboro High when Principal Himbry was killed, and he's dressed up like Freddy Kruger.

    craven as freddy mopping the floors

    3. Cynthia Nixon has a small cameo in Forgetting Sarah Mashall. She literally walked behind Peter when he mentioned Miranda from Sex and the City.

    him drinking a cocktail as cynthia walks behind him

    4. Pete Davidson appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. He played Phlektik, one of the High Evolutionary's guards who attempted to arrest Peter and Groot.

    pete behind the scenes during filming

    5. Glenn Close notably starred as Gutless, a pirate on Captain Hook's ship, in the iconic Robin Williams movie, Hook, in 1991.

    circle around glen close in the background

    6. In a literal blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo, Carrie Fisher played a woman on a bridge in Hook when Tinkerbell dragged adult Peter back to Neverland. Also, the guy she's kissing in the scene is Star Wars creator and director George Lucas.

    circle and arrow pointing to them kissing

    7. Jason Ritter played a clicker in The Last of Us Episode 5. He appears in the swarm that emerged from underground and attacked Kathleen and her group as Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam tried to escape Kansas City.

    the scene happening and then jason behind the scenes getting adjusted by crew

    8. Also in The Last of Us Episode 9, Laura Bailey, who is known for playing Abby in The Last of Us Part II video game, as well as her countless other voice acting credits and Critical Role, played a nurse in the hospital room where Ellie is almost operated on.

    wearing scrubs and working on a surgery

    9. Daniel Craig starred as a stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He appeared when Rey was captured by Kylo Ren and she performed a Jedi mind trick on a stormtrooper, played by Craig.

    dressed as a storm trooper

    10. In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Lin-Manuel Miranda can be briefly seen towards the end of the movie when the Resistance celebrated defeating the Final Order.

    arrow and circle around him in the background

    11. In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Dan Aykroyd made a cameo as Art Weber, who arranged for three seats on a cargo plane for Indy, Willie, and Short Round to escape on.

    circle and arrow pointing to him in the scene

    12. Jason Sudeikis made a hidden cameo as a bike scout trooper in The Mandalorian Season 1, Episode 8. He notably punched Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. He appeared alongside Adam Pally as the other bike scout in this scene.

    the scene where he punches grogu

    13. Ming-Na Wen, who voiced Mulan in the animated film, appeared as an "esteemed guest" who introduced Mulan to the emperor in the live-action Mulan.

    ming-na showing up as a guest

    14. The Walking Dead director and special effects makeup artist Greg Nicotero was hidden as a walker in The Walking Dead several times, including when Glenn fell into a hoard of walkers in Season 6, Episode 3.

    circle around him as a zombie

    15. Also, Chandler Riggs, who starred as Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead, returned for a hidden cameo in the series finale. He played a member of Hilltop who is farming behind Maggie at one point.

    wearing a cowboy hat on set

    16. In Jurassic World, Jimmy Buffett appeared as a bartender, who is seen fleeing with two margaritas while dinosaurs were set loose in Jurassic Park.

    buffet holding two margaritas

    17. Cate Blanchett has an uncredited cameo in Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz from 2007. She played Janine, Nicholas's ex-girlfriend who he visited at a crime scene.

    she's wearing a hazmat suit and mask talking on the phone

    18. In Avengers: Endgame, Ken Jeong can be seen appearing as a security guard at the storage unit building where Scott/Ant-Man reappeared after escaping the Quantum Realm.

    as a security person reading a book in the office

    19. Bill Hader made a small onscreen (and voice) cameo in Ari Aster's Beau Is Afraid. He can actually be seen in a news report, but his back is to the camera, and he's the one who voiced the UPS driver on the phone.

    20. Director Zack Snyder can be seen sitting in a coffee shop in his cut of Justice League when Lois Lane walked out into the rain.

    zoom in on him seen through the window of the coffee shop

    21. Paige O'Hara, who voiced Belle in Beauty and the Beast, made an appearance in Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration. She played the woman who owned the bookshop and gifted Belle her favorite book.

    giving belle a book

    22. Didi Conn, who starred as Frenchy in Grease in 1978, made an appearance in Grease Live! You can spot her as Vi, a waitress who talked to Frenchy before the iconic "Beauty School Dropout."

    as a waitress serving on the new frenchie

    23. Rob McElhenney made a very quick cameo in Game of Thrones. He can be seen in Season 8, Episode 1 as one of the soldiers guarding Yara Greyjoy, and he's killed by an arrow.

    closeup of him in the scene

    24. Miley Cyrus made a cameo in the final pool party scene in High School Musical 2. In fact, her appearance was notably voted on by Disney Channel fans and that's how she ended up in the scene.

    circle around her dancing in the scene

    25. And finally, Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually appears in numerous Rian Johnson films, including Knives Out. He voiced Det. Hardrock, who can be heard on the TV show Marta's sister was watching at the beginning of the movie.

    We can't fit everyone in one post, so which other hidden celebrity cameos in movies or shows do you love? Tell us in the comments below!