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31 TV Characters Whose Coming-Out Scenes Are So Good And Prove Why Representation Matters

"Ask me the question again. Ask me if I'm gay."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV characters had the best coming-out moments and why. Here are some of the best responses:

Warning: There are obviously massive spoilers ahead!

1. First, on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Rosa came out to her parents during dinner after they thought she was dating Jake.

Rosa telling her parents, "I'm not straight. I'm bisexual. And I don't care what you think about it"

"Rosa coming out to her parents is so realistic and so heart-wrenching. Honestly, it's just exactly what I fear coming out as bi to my family will look like. It's such a great episode and just a great arc for a great character."


2. On Shameless, when Mickey revealed that he's gay to a bar filled with his friends and family.

Mickey saying, "I just want everybody here to know I'm fucking gay. A big ole 'mo. I just thought everybody should know that"

"Although 'loud' and 'proud' are not words that would describe his feelings about his sexuality, they are 100% how to describe the fearless way he announced to his violent, homophobic father (and a bar full of Southside drunks) that he is, in fact, a 'big ole 'mo.' As the man he loves watches on with wide, surprised eyes, Mickey has his first loud stomp into the life of freedom he so deserves. You can't help but cry tears of pride for him!"


3. On Sex Education, when Eric felt more comfortable with himself and told his dad that he's proud of who he is.

Eric telling his dad, "Your fear doesn't help me, Dad. It makes me feel weak. This is me"

"I know we are introduced to him as a gay character so he didn't really 'come out' to the audience. But just to see him learn more about himself and sexuality throughout the show is wonderful."


4. On Stranger Things, when Robin admitted to Steve that she likes Tammy Thompson.

Robin telling Steve that she wanted Tammy to look at her, but she only had eyes for Steve

"I'll admit, I was rooting for her and Steve to get together. And the show certainly hinted it was going that way, which made her coming-out such a great surprise. Steve's reaction is wonderful and it bonds the two characters even more. It may take place on a dirty bathroom floor, but it is a beautiful scene."


5. On Grey's Anatomy, when Casey let Bailey know why he hacked into the DMV when he was younger.

Casey saying, "My old license referred to me as female and the DMV where I was living wouldn't change it, so I did"

"Casey Parker has such a beautiful coming-out scene with Chief Bailey. Plus, Alex Blue Davis is a trans actor, which is representation that should be seen more often." 


6. On Lucifer, when Maze sang "Wonderwall" to Eve at Lux.

Maze saying, "This is for a special girl. A grand gesture to help...redefine things"

"This is a subtle one but it is just a great moment. While we as an audience knew Maze was having feelings for Eve, this is when Lucifer finds out she likes Eve."


7. On Dawson's Creek, when Jack emotionally told his dad he's gay after he was forced to read his poem at school.

Jack saying, "Ask me the question again. Ask me if I'm gay. Ask me"
Warner Bros.

"Jack from Dawson’s Creek is the benchmark that all other coming-out stories should be measured by."


8. On Teenage Bounty Hunters, when Sterling realized that she ~really~ liked April.

Sterling thinking of April and saying, "Oh"

"The way she finally figures out her mortal enemy isn't actually her mortal enemy is so sweet. Also, the way she finally shows April how she feels by kissing her is simply amazing."


9. On Glee, when Santana heartbreakingly told her grandmother how much she liked Brittany.

Santana saying, "I love girls the way that I'm supposed to feel about boys," and "When I'm with Brittany... I finally understand what people are talking about when they talk about love"

"It was gut-wrenching for her to find the courage to come out to her grandmother. To have the courage to do so, most likely knowing what the reaction was going to be, was so brave. A truly defining TV moment."


10. And on Glee, when Kurt came out to his dad and his dad revealed that he always knew.

Kurt saying, "Being a part of the glee club and football has really shown me that I can be anything. And what I am is I'm gay"

"Kurt's coming out in Season 1 of Glee is, still to this day, the one that makes me cry. It's so well acted and written, and not to forget how important a scene/storyline like that was back in 2009!"


11. On Schitt's Creek, when David explained his pansexuality to Stevie with an amazing wine metaphor.

David explaining to Stevie that he likes all types of wine and saying, "I like the wine, and not the label"
Pop / CBC

"When David explained pansexuality to Stevie with a wine analogy, it was like a lightbulb went off for me. I was like, 'Wow, that was the best explanation for pansexuality that I’ve ever heard.'"


12. On Wynonna Earp, when Waverly simply asked Wynonna if girls like scars too.

Wynonna saying, "Dudes dig scars," and Waverly responding, "Do chicks?"

"I loved her coming-out story and there are so many great moments. Like, when she casually mentions to Wynonna if chicks dig scars. Also her and Nicole became such a great couple and are so cute together."


13. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Willow confided in Buffy that she liked Tara.

Willow saying, "It's complicated because of Tara. There's something between us. It wasn't something I was looking for. It's just powerful"
Warner Bros.

"What makes her coming-out so good is that it doesn’t just suddenly happen. The idea is hinted at and explored over multiple seasons before she decides that it’s time to embrace it. This is how it often happens in real life. Many people spend years wondering before they will even be open to themselves about gender and sexuality questions. It’s rarely, if ever just, boom, 'I’m gay!'"


14. On Batwoman, when Sophie came out to her mother, who heartbreakingly didn't approve.

Sophie telling her mom that she has been keeping this secret because she wanted to be the person her family thought she was. And her mom saying, "So the good lord didn't make it hard enough on you"
The CW

"As a straight man, I’ve probably not seen as many coming-out scenes as others, but the most powerful one I've seen is Sophie coming out to her mom on Batwoman. It broke my heart hearing her mom say how disappointed she is, not just because she is gay but because she is already a Black woman and her mom feels that she is 'adding this on top of it.'"


15. On BoJack Horseman, when Todd revealed to BoJack that he's asexual.

Todd saying, "I think I'm asexual," and BoJack responding, "A sexual what? Dynamo? Deviant? Harassment lawsuit waiting to happen?"

"As an asexual, Todd’s asexuality is represented well and I’m so excited to see an ace character in the media. It even helped me come to terms with my sexuality. Plus, the scene is funny."


16. On Station 19, when Maya went and told her parents that she's bisexual right before marrying Carina.

Maya saying, "Hi, Dad. I'm bisexual. Or queer, I guess they say now. And I'm in love with a woman and I am marrying her tonight"

"This is a really recent one but it was so great to see Maya stand up to her dad and profess her love for Carina to him. This character has come so far and watching Maya's growth has been amazing."


17. On Anne With an E, when Cole admitted to Aunt Jo that he's like her and Gertrude.

Cole saying, "I think I'm like you and Gertrude," and Aunt Jo saying, "You have a life of such joy before you"

"He is such a cool character from the beginning and while it wasn't super obvious, you kinda knew. There was so much tension and foreshadowing that built up to the party with Aunt Jo and when it came to it, they handled Cole's coming-out in the sweetest way possible. His storyline made me feel comfortable coming out as bi and honestly changed my life and my view of myself."


18. On Degrassi, when Marco heartbreakingly came out to Spinner after going on a date with Hazel.

Spinner saying he doesn't get it and Morco saying, "Because I'm gay"

"Every episode that featured Marco coming out to a different person was so emotional."


19. On Derry Girls, when Clare confided in Erin that she was the one who wrote the essay about being a lesbian.

Erin saying, "You fancy girls?" and Clare saying, "Well, that's sort of an entry-level requirement, Erin"

"It is hilarious — because it's Derry Girls so everything is going to be hilarious — but it's also really sweet how her friends overcame their biases and realize her being a lesbian didn't change her as a person and wouldn't change their friendship."


20. On This Is Us, when Tess told Randall and Beth that she "might like girls, not boys."

Tess saying, "Lots of girls have boyfriends, but I don't want one. It's because I think I might like girls, not boys"

"Watching a Black queer kid just basically say, 'I don’t know but I want to explore this,' meant so much to me!"


21. On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, when Daryl sang "Gettin' Bi" after embracing that he's bisexual.

Daryl singing, "I don't care if you wear high heels or a tie. You might just catch my eye because I am definitely bi"
The CW

"He realizes it and has a moment of hesitation with embracing it. But when he finally does, he is so proud of who he is. I think Daryl inspires everyone to love who they love deeply and be proud of who you are."


22. On Love, Victor, when Victor opened up to Felix about liking guys.

Victor and Felix hugging after Victor says, "I like guys. Like, I'm into them"

"Victor and Felix's friendship is such a great part of the show, so it's really special to watch Victor come out to Felix first."


23. On The Haunting of Hill House, when Steve and Nell caught Theo after she slept with one of Nell's bridesmaids.

Nell saying, "I mean, we didn't know you were a...into..." and Theo responding with, "Bridesmaids?"

"Just the fact that her brother and sister catch her sleeping with a bridesmaid and she's completely unfazed was brilliant. She’s a legend."


24. On One Day at a Time, when Elena told Penelope that she felt more when she saw Kristen Stewart than when she kissed a boy.

Elena saying she feels "more when I look at a picture of Kristen Stewart than I do when I kiss him"

"This moment makes me cry and laugh. It's so well acted and written."


25. On The Fosters, when Jude finally said the words "I'm gay" to Connor during the LGBTQ prom.

Jude telling Connor, "Because I am super gay for you"

"I love how Jude told Connor and made it clear that he wanted to be with him no matter what."


26. On Supergirl, when Alex admitted to Kara that she had feelings for Maggie.

Alex telling Kara, "I just like her so much. You know she's so...she's smart, and she's tough, and she's just beautiful. She's so beautiful"
The CW

"Alex had the most relatable coming-out in the history of television for me. The fact that she comes out and understands and accepts herself in adulthood is amazing. It shows that there isn't a right time in life to find out about your sexuality and that is okay. I think that it's beautiful."


27. On Good Girls, when Ben told Annie that he is a boy and Annie said she always wanted a son.

Ben saying, "Mom? So am I." And Annie responding with, "I always wanted a boy"

"Annie just helped deliver her ex-husband's child and when she tells Ben, 'It's a boy,' he replies, 'So am I.' It is so simple, but really raw and powerful."


28. On The Bold Type, when Kat came out to Jane and Sutton as bisexual after having sex with a guy.

Kat saying, "Maybe I might be bisexual. And you guys know that I hate labels, but this one feels important right now"

"When she came out the first time, it was really great; but also when she later came out as bisexual it's amazing. The Bold Type really handles this topic well."


29. On Shadowhunters, when Alec walked back down the aisle at his wedding and kissed Magnus.

Alec telling his mom "enough" and then kissing Magnus

"When he walks off the altar in the middle of his wedding and into the arms of the man he loves, it's one of the best TV moments ever."


30. On Jane the Virgin, when Petra admitted that she liked JR as more than a friend.

Petra telling JR, "I really really like you. A lot"
The CW

"Petra becomes the best version of herself after this. She stops lying and really tries to be a better person for JR. It's so great and super sweet to see a later-in-life couple like them." 


31. And finally, on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, when Mac danced for his dad.

Mac saying, "I just thought instead of saying it. Maybe I could just show you how I feel inside. Dad. I'm gay"

"Mac actually had three great coming-out moments, but the last one with the dance will always have a special place in my heart."


We can't fit everything into one post, so tell me which other TV coming-out scenes you adore in the comments below!

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