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21 Actors Who Were Pregnant During Production And How Their Pregnancy Was Written Into Their TV Shows

Scully being abducted during The X-Files Season 2 was some clever storytelling.

1. First, Lucille Ball was pregnant during I Love Lucy Season 2, so they wrote it into the show. At the time, it was controversial because CBS executives didn't like that her being pregnant implied that she and Ricky had sex.

Ricky reading a letter that says a husband and wife are going to have a "blessed event" and then Ricky realizing that he's going to be a father

2. The Friends creators wrote Lisa Kudrow's pregnancy into Season 4, which is why Phoebe offered to be a surrogate for Frank and Alice.

Phoebe saying, "They're gonna have a baby"

3. Gillian Anderson was pregnant during The X-Files Season 2, which is why Scully was kidnapped and abducted in the episode "Duane Barry." Then, a few episodes later, she mysteriously reappeared in a hospital.

Scully looking concerned, and then Mulder looking at Scully as she lies in a hospital bed

4. Shonda Rhimes wrote Chandra Wilson's pregnancy into Grey's Anatomy during Season 2. Of course, this led to the iconic George and Bailey birth scene that fans still love to this day.

George sitting behind Bailey and Bailey saying, "O'Malley, stop looking at my vajayjay"

5. During Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo was pregnant with her first child. Instead of having it written into the show, Meredith was put on bed rest after giving her father part of her liver.

Meredith sitting in a hospital bed and Cristina putting her head on Meredith's shoulder

6. When Jessica Capshaw was pregnant with her first child, Grey's Anatomy decided to send Arizona to Africa for a few episodes, which led to her breaking up with Callie.

Arizona telling Callie, "You're ruining this for me, and I don't want to do this. I don't want to go to Africa...with you"

7. Wynonna Earp star Melanie Scrofano was pregnant while filming Season 2, so Wynonna shockingly found out that she was pregnant during the episode "Let's Pretend We're Strangers."

Wynonna telling Waverly, "It always comes back to the curse, Wave, always. Waverly...I can't do this. This poor asshole"

8. Recently, Vanessa Morgan's pregnancy was written into Riverdale Season 5. After a seven-year time jump, we learned that Toni is pregnant, but she hasn't disclosed who the father is just yet.

Toni telling Archie, "Pregnant, yeah. I am" and Archie saying, "Still a badass though"

9. During The Vampire Diaries Season 7, Candice King was pregnant with her first child, so the show had Alaric and Jo's twins magically transferred to Caroline's womb.

Caroline looking down at one of her twins and Alaric smiling at them

10. Melissa Fumero was pregnant twice during Brooklyn Nine-Nine. During Season 3, the show hid Melissa's pregnancy until Amy went undercover. Then, in Season 7, Amy was pregnant just like Melissa.

Amy wearing a fake pregnancy belly and saying, "I don't know. Is anyone gonna buy it? I  mean, do I look pregnant?" Then, Jake and Amy with their newborn son

11. Also on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chelsea Peretti was pregnant in 2017, so during Season 4, Gina was pregnant on the show too.

Gina telling Amy, Boyle, and Terry, "Okay, it's fine. You might as well know. I am with child"

12. Lauren Lane, who played C.C. Babcock on The Nanny, was pregnant during most of Season 5. Instead of writing in her pregnancy, the writers gave C.C. a story arc that involved her gaining weight and dealing with her mental health after Fran and Max got engaged.

C.C. holding flowers in front of her stomach, and C.C. saying, "You know, Niles. When I was away at...the place..."

13. During The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Melissa Rauch was pregnant, so that's why Bernadette surprised Howard by revealing that she was pregnant with their second child.

Howard holding a pregnancy test, then Howard and Bernadette lying in bed together

14. When Lesley Ann Brandt was pregnant while filming Lucifer, the writers simply wrote in that Maze was off on a bounty-hunting spree, which explained her absence at the beginning of Season 3.

Lucifer telling Maze, "Burn brighter, Mazikeen. You should hunt the most challenging human you can"

15. Jennifer Garner was pregnant during the final season of Alias, so during the first episode of the season, Sydney found out that she was pregnant.

Vaughn saying, "I can't wait to meet this new little person," and Sydney saying, "Really? I mean, it's pretty great, right?"

16. When January Jones was pregnant during Mad Men, the writers gave Betty Draper a storyline that involved her gaining weight.

Betty at the doctor's office and Betty on the phone

17. Jenna Fisher's pregnancy was written into The Office Season 8. The season opened with Pam being very pregnant and her and Jim revealing that they were having a boy.

Pam pointing to her pregnant stomach and saying, "Right here. Little Michael Scott" and Jim saying, "Nope. I told you I don't like that joke"

18. When Zooey Deschanel was pregnant during New Girl Season 5, Jess ended up being sequestered for jury duty for several episodes.

Jess in court and then Jess saying, "Since you won't be able to contact me for a month, I've left a complementary bowl of advice"

19. Ginnifer Goodwin was pregnant twice while starring on Once Upon a Time. The first time, the writers elected to write her pregnancy into the show, so Snow White and Prince Charming welcomed a son. However, Ginnifer's second pregnancy was simply hidden onscreen.

Prince Charming holding his son and handing him to Snow White

20. America Ferrera was pregnant during Superstore Season 3, so on the show, Amy found out that she was pregnant right when she was finally ready to date Jonah.

Jonah and Amy kissing and then Amy saying, "I'm pregnant"

21. And finally, Cynthia Nixon's pregnancy was written into Sex and the City Season 4 when Miranda and Steve welcomed their son, Brady.

Miranda and Carrie smiling while Miranda holds her son in the hospital