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This Week's "Abbott Elementary" Episode Featured [Spoilers], And Everyone Is Freaking Out About It

Janine and Gregory from Abbott Elementary are truly the best duo on TV right now.

🚨 There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Abbott Elementary Season 2, Episode 16! 🚨

So it's no secret that Abbott Elementary is one of the best TV shows right now. The show has won countless awards already, and while it's only on Season 2, it's quickly becoming a beloved comedy series.

The cast of Abbott Elementary, with Quinta Brunson holding an award

Every single character on the show is superb, but I think it's safe to say all of us have a special place in our hearts for Janine (Quinta Brunson) and Gregory (Tyler James Williams).

Janine and Gregory walking in the school hallway

Janine and Gregory's will-they-or-won't-they, slow burn romance is beautifully put together and is another one of the many reasons Abbott Elementary is so good. I miss these kinds of romances, and I feel like we don't get a good slow burn a lot of times when it comes to streaming shows.

Janine and Gregory sitting and smiling

This is all to say that in the last few episodes, Janine and Gregory's romance has really hit a peak, with them dancing together at a club and then Janine finding out that Gregory likes her.

The two dancing

Everything came to a head in this week's episode, titled "Teacher Conference," where all of the Abbott teachers headed to the Pennsylvania Educational Conference for the Southeast Area, aka PECSA, and so much happened.

Barbara and Melissa wearing sunglasses and looking wasted

While Gregory was originally not going to attend because he was going away on a romantic vacation with Amber (Naté Jones), he then shows up and tells Janine that Amber dumped him.

Janine smiling at Gregory

Then, after a few drinks, Janine and Gregory sneak into the living classroom exhibit, and that's where they FINALLY SHARE THEIR FIRST KISS.

The two standing in an area with many flowers, and then kneeling and kissing

Look how cute they are! THE WAY JANINE PULLS HIS LANYARD! I am so unwell!

Janine holding the lanyard and them kissing

Quinta knew exactly how we would react:

Quinta Brunson / Fox / Via Twitter: @quintabrunson

Lisa warned us it would be an incredible episode, and she was right:

Told y’all. #AbbottElementary https://t.co/icmTQirqnJ

Twitter: @LisaAnnWalter

Meanwhile, Sheryl reacting to Janine and Gregory's first kiss is literally all of us:

My Mom watching Gregory and Janine kiss on #AbbottElementary 😂😂😂😂

Ivy Victoria Maurice / Via Twitter: @Coco_Maurice

By the end of the episode, Janine and Gregory had decided to pretend this kiss never happened — Janine is still dating Maurice (Vince Staples) — and I know this is only gonna add to the amazing moments these two already have.

The two walking in the school hallway and agreeing it's a "nothing thing"

Basically, everyone's in agreement that Abbott Elementary not only delivered a perfect episode overall but also gave us an incredible first kiss for Janine and Gregory. Below are some of the best reactions:

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@breannwaIker / Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @breannwaIker


@ksthoughtss / Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @ksthoughtss

The fact that Janine and Gregory kissed in a flower exhibit too is so important to me like Gregory learned to love gardening again because of Abbott and his students and Janine loves what flowers represent such as growth 😭🫶🏽 #AbbottElementary

@98WKND / ABC / Via Twitter: @98WKND

something insane happens every time they leave the four walls of that school omg #AbbottElementary https://t.co/urYbrkLVjx

@blkwatcher / ABC / Via Twitter: @blkwatcher

janine talking about how flowers remind her of her growth as a teacher, gregory gardening, the lego flowers, the flower room…#AbbottElementary

@cinedruig / HBO / Via Twitter: @cinedruig

Director yelled “let’s cut for break” and they heard “we have history to make” and that’s what this is #AbbottElementary

@westspalace / HBO / Via Twitter: @westspalace


@Dev_DoubleU / Saweetie / Via instagram.com

when she grabbed him by that lanyard to kiss him again #AbbottElementary

@tobeso_lo / ESPN / Via Twitter: @tobeso_lo

Quinta knows what the people want and delivers every single time like she just gets it #AbbottElementary

@realitystxn / VH1 / Via Twitter: @realitystxn


@vaIidheart / HBO / Via Twitter: @vaIidheart
@bootzz_shady / Hot Ones / Via Twitter: @bootzz_shady

Let’s talk about how they were surrounded by flowers and how insane is that Gregory’s life was spent gardening and now he kissed the girl of her dream surrounded by it Quinta you genius I love u #AbbottElementary

@softwylieu / HBO / Via Twitter: @softwylieu

can I just say how much I adored this moment #AbbottElementary

@sitcomabed / ABC / Via Twitter: @sitcomabed


@capricornspam / NBC / Via Twitter: @capricornspam

Not them acting like it was nothing 😭 I knew it was going to happen because it’s a slow burn, but this still hurts my soul #AbbottElementary

@laceyheatt / E! / Via Twitter: @laceyheatt

When we see this room again in season 6 when he proposes #AbbottElementary

@thatsthat1996 / Lifetime / Via Twitter: @thatsthat1996

Now just wait until Mr. Johnson finds out about that kiss, now THAT is going to be comedy. #AbbottElementary

@ashlynlaughs / ABC / Via Twitter: @ashlynlaughs

Honestly, I can't WAIT for the angst and awkward tension that are going to occur between Janine and Gregory for the rest of Season 2. I just know Abbott Elementary is gonna deliver some amazing moments for the two of them.

Janine saying they got caught up in the moment and Gregory asking "That's what she said about it?" and then agreeing

What did you think of this week's Abbott Elementary episode? Tell us in the comments below!

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