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"Abbott Elementary" Star Sheryl Lee Ralph Finally Won An Emmy Award And Sang Her Acceptance Speech

Sheryl Lee Ralph won her first ever Emmy Award tonight, sang part of her acceptance speech, and now I can't stop crying.

The 2022 Emmy Awards are off and running, and one of the best wins of the night came when Sheryl Lee Ralph took home the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on Abbott Elementary.

Sheryl Lee Ralph giving her acceptance speech

A renowned actor, this was Sheryl's first ever Emmy Award nomination and win, and to say everyone was so excited is an understatement.

Sheryl Lee Ralph smiling and holding her award up

The entire cast of Abbott Elementary started crying the minute Sheryl's name was announced, and good lord, it made me emotional. She was so stunned.

people at the cast's table looking emotional

Quinta Brunson and Tyler James Williams helping Sheryl onto the stage. I cry.

the cast helping Sheryl Lee Ralph get onstage

The minute Sheryl took the stage, she immediately started singing Dianne Reeves's song "Endangered Species," and earned herself a much-deserved standing ovation from the entire audience.

Sheryl singing

Like, the whole audience was on their feet and so happy for her. It made the whole moment even more special.

the audience giving Sheryl a standing ovation

She then went on to give a passionate speech about never giving up on her dreams while she thanked Abbott Elementary creator and star Quinta Brunson for believing in her, her family, her friends, and more.

Sheryl giving her speech

You can watch the full moment below:

#Emmy winner Sheryl Lee Ralph: "Anyone who has ever, ever had a dream and thought your dream...couldn't come true. I am here to tell you that this is what believing looks like. This is what striving looks like. And don't you ever, ever give up on you."

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While promoting Abbott Elementary, Quinta Brunson said Sheryl Lee Ralph was one of the first people she wanted to cast in the show, and her goal was to get Sheryl a much-deserved Emmy Award.

Janine telling Barbara's daughter she's her work daughter and could've used the perks of being her daughter, like shopping and advice about boys and periods

Well, everything paid off, and everyone is so happy we got to witness this iconic moment.

Sheryl kissing her Emmy

Congrats, Sheryl! You deserve all of this and more!