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    We Got Hammered On The WORST Alcohol Of All Time, So You Don't Have To

    "Shine responsibly you crazy diamond."

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    One fine day, we found ourselves with some time and some moonshine.

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    Moonshine is the American equivalent of desi daru (country liquor). It's made with corn mash and is generally produced illicitly.

    The name looks harmless enough, so we decided to give it a try.

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    BOY, were we unprepared.

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    Even though we started with just cranberries soaked in moonshine. NOT EVEN REAL STRAIGHT UP MOONSHINE.

    Emotions were running high, ranging from personification of alcohol...

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    To the intense need to get back in touch with your feelings.

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    This particular champ started off with confidence.

    Which deteriorated with each shot.

    And ended in a pile of giggles.

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    In conclusion:

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