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Can You Summarise India In 2014 In One Sentence?

Were the din really as acche as promised?

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2014 was quite an eventful year for us. We had some great moments:

Like when PM Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora at Madison Square Gardens like a rockstar.

DON EMMERT/AFP / Via Getty Images

And when Delhi hosted India’s largest Gay Pride Parade since Section 377 was reinstated.

Sajjad Hussain / Getty Images

And when Kailash Satyarthi bagged the Nobel Peace Prize.

Adnan Abidi / Reuters

Some moments were tragic:

Like the floods that hit northern India and eastern Pakistan that left 400 people dead, 150,000 stranded, and thousands of homes and businesses destroyed.

AP Photo/ Altaf Qadri

Or when a college in Aligarh denied library access to girls for fear that they will “attract” boys.


And some moments were just plain weird:

Like this guy who gifted himself a 4-Kilogram shirt made of pure gold.


Or when 40 people were hired by India’s parliament to act like langurs and scare monkeys.

So, here's your very difficult task: Leave us a comment summarising India's year in 2014 in one sentence.

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