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    This Instagram Perfectly Illustrates The Many Ways Of Draping A Sari

    So many drapes, so little time.

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    Artist Shweta Malhotra created a piece called "Drapes Of India" for a show at the Lokal Gallery in Helsinki.

    "My inspiration behind the piece mostly stemmed from my personal experience of not wearing saris because the last time I wore one I had to get it re-draped about three times," Malhotra told BuzzFeed.

    She was fascinated by the way the sari was draped and started exploring how different cultures wore theirs.

    It took her about a month to research and then illustrate the 12 curated drapes.

    And it's STILL less than half of the number of drapes that actually exist in India. "This was a curated set of drapes that I found most interesting," she says.

    Her favourite is this one from Odisha. "It has this very easy going vibe, it’s traditional yet can look very contemporary and stylish, and well, slightly easier to drape than the usual," says Malhotra.

    You can follow her work on Instagram here.

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