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21 Reasons Ronald McDonald Wants To Quit His Job

He's not lovin' it.

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1. No one really wants to be his friend.

2. He's getting sick of constantly losing his head.

4. He needs a more stable life.

5. He's feeling a bit trapped.

6. And weighed down by life's issues.

7. He just wants to take a break and do a little yoga.

9. See the world and all it has to offer.

11. Before he does something ~crazy~.

12. He realises that he's not all that special.

13. And for how long is he supposed to endure this abuse???

14. This constant violence????

15. Maybe he'll be more appreciated elsewhere.

16. Sure, he's made some friends along the way.

17. But he's lost more than he can count.

18. He's downright driven people away.

19. Sometimes he wants to drive off a cliff.

20. Or patiently wait for death to come upon him.

21. Before he completely loses his mind.

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