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    L.A.’s Hottest New “Work Out” Is Basically Dandiya


    This is dandiya. It’s a traditional folk dance from Gujarat and is performed ubiquitously during the festival of Navratri. It’s said to have been invented by Lord Krishna.

    Aamir Khan Productions

    It is also performed at the end of pretty much every Gujju get together EVER.

    This is "Pound", an air-drumming workout that's "taking L.A. by storm" and was invented by two female drummers, Kirsten and Cristina.

    Insider / Via Facebook: thisisinsider

    It uses specially designed instruments called "Ripstix" or as the South Asian world would say – DANDIYAS. They're called fucking dandiyas.


    They even have a super tagline.


    *Slow claps in garba*

    SLB Films

    A lot of people are not pleased and have been calling out PoundFit on a video uploaded by Insider yesterday.

    First ghee and now dandiya? #stopwhitepeople2k16

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