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19 Desi Profile Pictures That Are Unnecessarily Aggressive

I just opened Facebook to stalk my ex and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

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1. This aggressive need to be liked.

2. This #FreeTheCock activist.

3. This threat.

4. This flawless logic.

5. This rainbow declaration.

6. This roller coaster of a biodata.

7. This badass killah.

8. This love story that's still better than Twilight.

9. This warrior with an actual sword.

Pnks beware.

Pnks beware.

10. This man who keeps, keeps bleeding in love.

" " " " <= Blood.

" " " " <= Blood.

11. This ideal boyfriend.

12. This undeniable fact that needs to be a thing.

13. This devout worshipper.

14. This romantic who likes to keep it in the family.

15. This thug who need no rules and no gril.

16. This no-nonsense lover.

17. This sexy beast.

18. This G.

19. And this killer.