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"Elle India" Did A Photoshoot With Plus Size Women And It Is F*cking Flawless


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WARNING: Your phone might heat up with what's about to come next so just be careful.


Gia Kashyap, fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Sushant Chhabria/Elle India

“I recently posted a picture of a pizza and a girl commented, ‘You should go to the gym’. Now I’m immune to such comments. It doesn’t make me feel ugly, in fact it’s pushed me to a stage where I appreciate myself more.”

Tinka Bhatia, hospitality consultant.

Sushant Chhabria/Elle India

“I don’t restrict myself to trends either. I love wearing short stuff because I like how my legs look or a low-neck to highlight my décolletage.”

Srishti Kumar, stylist and fashion consultant.

Sushant Chhabbria/Elle India

“I don’t dress for shock value, but I enjoy dressing in clothes that aren’t conventionally meant for my body type. I love my body and I won’t change it to fit what’s available in stores.”

Zahra Khan, digital entrepreneur.

Sushant Chhabbria/Elle India

“Why aren’t we defined by what we do? You won’t define a business magnate like Mukesh Ambani as short and fat. I don’t see curvy men having a movement.”

Kritika Gill, make-up artist.

Sushant Chhabbria/Elle India

“My mom used to buy me clothes that covered my butt, but I never understood why I had to hide it. I like the way it looks — it’s well rounded.”

"Being plus-size myself, I was kind of in awe of the confidence of the girls we shot – zero awkwardness, just pure star quality. Made me realise that it's time I shed those baggy layers of clothes," says Nidhi Jacob, fashion editor at Elle and the genius stylist behind the shoot.