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23 Indian Foodies You Need To Start Following On Instagram Right Now

Not Safe For Diet.

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1. @Shivesh17

Follow this 19-year-old self-taught baker putting professionals to shame.

2. @MumbaiFoodie

Follow Mumbai Foodie to find the best places to eat in Mumbai.

3. @BombaySalt

Follow this industrial designer's beautiful experiments with food.

4. @Spankiet

Watch as Ankiet manages to prepare gorgeous meals for his family while keeping his day job.

5. @TheGutlessFoodie

Follow the inspiring story of Natasha Diddee who didn't let losing her entire stomach to a tumour get in the way of being a foodie.

6. @TheBigBhookad

Follow Adarsh's mouth-watering gastronomical adventures.

7. @SaffronTrail

Follow nutrition expert, Nandita Iyer, as she makes healthy treats out of her kitchen garden.

8. @DelhiBhukkad

Follow the Delhi Bhukkad for the best visuals in and around New Delhi.

9. @NonchalantGourmand

Follow Nikhil Merchant as he bakes fluffy bread, mixes heavenly cocktails and travels around the world.

10. @SaranshGoila

Follow Chef Saransh as he finds the best street food around India and whips up his famous Goila butter chicken.

11. @TheJamLab

Follow Amisha as she innovates with jam.

12. @ChefKelvinCheung

Follow Chef Kelvin as he adds delicious truffles over grilled cheese, mac ā€˜nā€™ cheese, ramen, fries, EVERYTHING!

13. @TheFoodTheory

Follow Sanchi Arora's foodie vacations around the world.

14. @ChefSujans

Follow Chef Sujan's experiments with molecular gastronomy and food engineering in the kitchens of Olive, Delhi,

15. @Delhi_Foodie

Follow this crowdsourced account for the best thing to eat in bars and eateries in the capital.

16. @little_chefb

Follow Bhakti Mehta as she caters everything from parties to lunch boxes.

17. @Always_with_spices

Follow Monali making the most scrumptious food in her own kitchen.

18. @TheGreedyGlutton

Follow The Greedy Glutton to discover the best of food & drinks from all over Mumbai.

19. @KiranTarun

Follow Kiran for her mouthwatering smoothie bowls that can make anyone start eating healthy.

20. @MasterChefMom

Follow for daily dabba inspiration.

21. @ShwetaInTheKitchen

Follow Shweta for delicious homemade recipes from cuisines around the world.

22. @SinfullySpicy

Follow Tanvi making tasty Indian food in Las Vegas.

23. @PoojaDhingra

Follow the owner of Le 15 Patisserie for obvious reasons.