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28 Times Scottish Graffiti Artists Were Way Funnier Than Banksy

"You into Pitbull, hen?"

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1. It's no surprise that Scottish graffiti is mostly menchies and insults.

Instagram: @photoferguson

Poor Marion (even though she probably is a boot).

2. But occasionally it can a bit more...colourful.

Instagram: @christina_182

Not sure if insult or kinky request.

3. You can't even enjoy a nice, scenic walk without stumbling upon a piece of classic Scottish wit.

This scene sums up the beauty and silliness of my beloved #Scotland. Ps. Not my graffiti

Operation Smelly Fanny = Scotland's contribution to World War II.

4. Scotland rules when it comes to creative insults.

@BethanyBlack you might like this graffiti that I found in Edinburgh:

5. Or, as we like to call them, terms of endearment.

Graffiti of the Year 2015 goes to....Warriston Playingfields, Edinburgh...

Pissjugs: because "darling" is overrated.

6. Insults aside, there's actually the odd bit of flirting.

"I like your wellies, doll." Bunch of charmers, those Dundonians.

7. Like this declaration of love on a Stirling lamp post.

You get a different class of graffiti in #Stirling

The heart wants what the heart wants.

8. Because who needs Tinder when you've got some spray paint and a blank wall?

Probably the best bit of graffiti I've seen in Glasgow

9. And we love a bit of irony.

"Workers of the world, unite!" "Cannae, nae holiday days left."

"Workers of the world, unite!" "Cannae, nae holiday days left."

10. Sometimes it asks life's important questions.

@johncusack if you're ever in Glasgow, Scotland we know who you are (according to this toilet graffiti)...

"High Fidelity, ya baw!"

11. And sometimes they open up a wider discussion about life itself.

The graffiti in Dundee is getting deep

12. Or the crumbling state of the economy.

Graffiti hits No.2 Glasgow 2015 An indicator of economic uncertainty. "25p for a freddo"

13. Some people just want to share the joy of being Scottish.

#ThingsIHaveLearntAtFringe the Scottish really have graffiti nailed.

Spray it loud, spray it proud.

14. While others just want to complain about the downsides.

Scottish Graffiti .... To the point! #scotland #graffiti #independance #rain

Because being soggy all the time is a bit shite, tbh.

15. Like when you turn into the Hulk after a half bottle.

Instagram: @whamgus

Don't worry, pal, we've all been there. Just smash an ATM and you'll feel better.

16. Sometimes our graffiti conjures up mental images that you just didn't need.

Scottish cultural graffiti in Fort William :

"Swetty jobbie." Stay classy, Fort William.

17. But at other times it gets the balance just right.

Good and bad graffiti (18+) in Edinburgh

Alternatively, you could read this as a note from your mum.

18. Sometimes so-called "vandals" are just trying to help.

@dickdrawing Here's a beginners guide from Edinburgh graffiti.

"Step 1: Draw outline.

Step 2: Draw balls + piss eye.

Step 3: Add pubes + veins.

Step 4: Add spunk."

Because it's vital that we know a cartoon dick needs three pubes per ball.

19. Not to mention this slightly passive-aggressive shopping reminder.

Eh, ta?

Eh, ta?

20. This person just wants to celebrate the wonders of Poundland.

Instagram: @glesga_graffiti_

Buying Poundland spray paint to write about Poundland spray paint = Scottish logic.

21. Our graffiti isn't always that original.

Quintessential humorous Scottish graffiti found in the depths of Glasgow Central Station.

Aye, mate. Nae bother.

22. In fact, it's often completely pointless.

There's your typical Scottish graffiti.

23. But we love it anyway.

Instagram: @gerspanirscot

"Don't hurt me, no more."

24. Even though sometimes it's just random fucking nonsense.

Edinburgh, apparently we need to worry about sauce loving Moomins... I don't know either. #graffiti

More like beware the nutter who wrote this.

25. Or just random animal body parts.

26. ????

My favourite piece of graffiti from my stint in Scotland, "A Yak's Baws" - 13th Note Bar in Glasgow, artist unknown.

"Why?" you might ask. But does there really need to be a reason?

27. Most importantly, it's pure piss-yer-pants funny.

Toilet graffiti. Still a thing. #Summerhall #EdFringe #poop #Edinburgh #startrek

28. And sometimes, for all its beauty, it can leave you speechless.

*Wipes away tear*