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Which Contestant Should Ben Higgins Pick On "The Bachelor?"

There can be only one.

It's been a crazy 20th season of The Bachelor, but the finale is finally upon us.

Ben shocked the Bachelor Nation when he told not one, but TWO women that he loved them.

Those two women are JoJo and Lauren B.

There's Lauren B., the flight attendant from California...

And there's JoJo, a real estate developer from Dallas.

Some people are totally team Lauren B.:

Ben just told Lauren B. he loves her, and my heart is complete. #TheBachelor

THESE TWO CRAZY KIDS ARE SO SWEET I can't take it. True love on reality TV is REAL AMERICA. #Ben #LaurenB #TheBachelor

#thebachelor STRESSED me out last night, but let's just call this thing over and give #LaurenB that rock.

While others LOVE JoJo:

#Bachelor JoJo's reaction to Ben's I Love You was so real. Imagine that, a real moment on reality TV. Don't break her heart Ben. #TeamJoJo

HE HAS TO PICK JOJO SHE'S PERFECT AND FUN AND AWESOME @JoelleFletcher #thebachelor #teamjojo pls

When someone says they like Lauren B better than Jojo... #TheBachelor @juliavlarson #teamjojo

Tune in Monday, March 14 at 8 p.m EST on ABC to see who Ben picks!

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