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19 Times Emilia Clarke Won 2016

The mother of adorkable-ness.

1. When she was GORGEOUS:

2. When she slayed the cover of Vouge

3. When she did this:

4. When she "celebrated" Mother's Day:

5. When she picked Sam Claflin's nose:

6. And when they imitated Kevin Hart and The rock:

7. When she reacted to the news of Jon Snow:

8. When she used a banana as a phone:

9. When she got stuck in a tunnel:

10. When she fangirled over Joey:

11. When she and Johnny Knoxville pretended they were Jack and Rose:

12. When she posted this photo honoring these Game of Thrones Emmy nominations:

13. When she took this selfie:

14. When she looked frightened by giant versions of Spongebob and Dora:

15. When she hoped her "smallest fans" thought she was actually Elsa:

16. When she hugged a Stormtrooper:

17. When she posted this adorable throwback:

18. When she almost fell on her ass ice skating:

19. When she showed the world the kweens are ready for Season 7:

Keep being adorable in 2017, our Khaleesi.

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