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Nigel Farage Is/Isn't Standing For MP In South Thanet

Some UKIP officials say: "Oh yes he is!" Others say: "Oh no he isn't!"

NickNorton • 4 years ago

Boris Is Back: The 15 Best Reactions

Boris Johnson said he wants to return to parliament in 2015. People were glad/sad/mad.

NickNorton • 4 years ago

I Went To Party With Nigel Farage And UKIP

Turns out a day spent celebrating with Nigel Farage and UKIP is really rather strange. And a little scary too...

NickNorton • 4 years ago

Cookie Monster's Five Funniest Moments

This week Sesame Street star Cookie Monster was unveiled as the BBC's latest signing. To celebrate his arrival in the UK, here are the biscuit-eating fanatic's five funniest moments, om nom nom!

NickNorton • 5 years ago