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Boris Is Back: The 15 Best Reactions

Boris Johnson said he wants to return to parliament in 2015. People were glad/sad/mad.

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This morning, a slightly bedraggled and rather sweaty Boris Johnson announced that he will seek a seat to contest at next year's general election.

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1. It certainly wasn't a good look - inspired by a certain controversial US billionaire perhaps?

2. Like the announcement, Boris almost came up out of nowhere.

Jason Ilagan / Via

3. For some, the excitement was just too much.

4. David Cameron was delighted at the prospect of welcoming BoJo back into the Westminster fold.

5. The safe Tory seat of Witney would certainly see Boris back in parliament. Although current Witney MP David Cameron might not be so happy.

6. Cameron might be even less pleased when he sees who the public prefer as prime minister.

7. If so, his thoughts on where Boris should stand may well turn murderous.

8. Perhaps Cameron could share the role and let Boris rule England, while he takes care of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

9. Although maybe the current Mayor of London should set his sights wider than just England?

10. All hail King Boris the, er, Eye-th?

11. The news had some wishing for the return to a ruling monarchy.

12. Never fear, a certain part of his body may well halt Boris's march to power anyway.

13. And is Boris really Boris, or just a lot of birds in disguise?

14. Real or not, if he does become prime minister of this country:

15. Quickest reaction of the day goes to The Spectator, which tweeted the Boris-themed cover of its forthcoming issue within an hour of the announcement. It's almost as if it knew what its former editor (yes: Boris) was going to say before he said it...

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