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11 Things You're Absolutely Better At When You're Drunk

When you’re under the influence, nothing feels impossible. Almost 100% of the time, everything is. Know your limits and never drive while drunk.

11 Truths For Anyone Who's Ever Been A Designated Driver

One thing every designated driver knows? They're a real lifesaver. Make the safe decision by always deciding to drive sober.

Maybe Don't Drink Again If You Can't Ace This Alcohol Quiz

No matter how much you know about alcohol, it's never safe to drive under the influence. Make the informed decision and drive sober.

10 Lies Your Drunk Brain Tells You

Have fun… Just do it responsibly. Next time you have a few drinks, plan ahead. There’s no point in driving drunk.

10 Reasons Why You Really, Really, Really Don’t Want A DUI

Besides the fact that you can hurt someone, driving under the influence is embarrassing, expensive, and just not worth it.

Designated Driver: Super Friend

If you can't drive sober, let a designated driver save the day and get everyone home safely.

Drunk Challenge: Drunk For A Day

How to stay nauseous all day and complicate your life.

Times You Wish You Had A Do Over

There’s no such thing as a do-over.

11 Things Your Mom Was Right About

She really does know best. Listen to your mother and don't text and drive, because if you're texting, you're not driving.

15 Animals That Should Have Paid Attention

Focus up, you adorable animals! And pay attention when you're on the road, because if you're texting, you're not driving.

20 Merry Mocktails To Taste This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for family and cheer! Here are some amazing mocktails to keep you safe and warm this winter. Remember to always drive sober or get pulled over.

The Difference Between New Year’s Eve At 18, 25, And 30

It's like you're a whole different person! But at whatever age you celebrate, always remember, drive sober or get pulled over.

11 Reasons The Designated Driver Is The Real Hero

It's a bird, it's a plane, no — it's the designated driver!

18 Animals Who'll See You Before You See Them

You never know who's watching! Always do the smart thing, and drive sober or get pulled over.

12 People Who Thought They Could Get Away With It

Nice try. There are some things you'll never get away with, like drunk driving — so drive sober or get pulled over. It's that simple.

14 Types Of Drivers We’ve All Seen On The Road

Lots of people on the road: good, bad, and possibly crazy. But whatever type of driver you are, don't be the one who texts while driving. Because if you're texting, you're not driving.