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10 Lies Your Drunk Brain Tells You

Have fun… Just do it responsibly. Next time you have a few drinks, plan ahead. There’s no point in driving drunk.

1. “You're a really great dancer.”


2. “Your ex totally wants to hear from you tonight.”

Don’t make it awkward.

3. “Post this very unflattering picture of yourself on social media.”

You’re gonna untag that in the morning. Guaranteed.

4. “Steal that sign and smash it. Who’s gonna stop you?”

That’s kinda illegal.

5. “It’s OK to pee somewhere that’s not a bathroom.”

That's also kinda illegal.

6. “You’re going to feel totally fine at work tomorrow morning.”

When has this ever been the truth?

7. “That person’s looking at you funny.”

Do you want to get in a bar fight? Because that’s how bar fights happen.


Oh no. That's so expensive.

9. “You can take this drink to go with you.”

Ummmm, you’re not famous.

10. "You’re totally fine to drive.”

Your brain couldn’t BE more wrong.

All images by Kevin Valente for ©BuzzFeed 2016.

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