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11 Things You're Absolutely Better At When You're Drunk

When you’re under the influence, nothing feels impossible. Almost 100% of the time, everything is. Know your limits and never drive while drunk.

1. Karaoke

In your head: You could win any singing competition!

In reality: You would not make it to auditions.

2. Flirting

In your head: You feel as charming as you do irresistible!

In reality: You look equally as creepy as you do sleepy.

3. Dancing

In your head: You never knew you could two-step this amazingly!

In reality: You cannot even one-step.

4. Socializing

In your head: You’ve made a ton of friends tonight, and you’ll see them again soon!

In reality: The bartender is getting annoyed that you keep asking her about summer television.

5. Making online purchases

In your head: Your fashion sense is just more inspired when you’ve had a couple drinks.

In reality: You did not need to order that 12-pack of pizza socks.

6. Stand-up

In your head: Everyone loves your jokes! You’re killing it!

In reality: Everyone is hoping you’ll fall asleep before your next “set.”

7. Cooking

In your head: You’re a gourmet chef!

In reality: Grilled cheese with chocolate chips is gross, not creative.

8. Texting

In your head: You’re ready to have open, honest conversations with friends and family!

In reality: I don’t think you meant to send that picture to your cousin.

9. Kissing

In your head: You’re wowing the heck out of your date!

In reality: You will not hear from this date again.

10. Posting on social media

In your head: Everyone needs to see all the fun you’re up to tonight.

In reality: Your boss does not need to see all the fun you’re up to tonight.

11. Driving

In your head: You’ve just had a few drinks; you’ll be fine!

In reality: Driving drunk is a recipe for fatalities.

All animations by Kirun Kunju / © BuzzFeed 2017.

One thing you shouldn’t even attempt while drunk? Driving.

With approximately one-third of all traffic crash fatalities in the United States involving drunk drivers, the facts don’t lie. Make the informed decision and Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

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