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    Listen: This Is What “Big Mouth” Gets Right About Race And Identity That Other Animated Shows Don’t

    “I think that so many people have to break themselves out of the idea that white is the default — to talk about The Simpsons specifically.”

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    An animated monster, with big eyes, a pierced ear, and fangs, sits on an airplane beside a young Black girl, both of whom smile and have their arms crossed

    On today's episode:

    1. We’ve got yet ANOTHER election lawsuit. This one’s from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

    Donald Trump, wearing a big red tie, waves his hand, standing next to Ken Paxton outside in front of a black car from the presidential motorcade

    2. The Army is punishing 14 officers at Fort Hood after an independent review of the base’s command climate and culture.

    Army officers, wearing uniforms with black beanies and face masks and carrying automatic weapons on their chests, descend an airplane's staircase

    3. Get ready: Nicolas Cage wants to teach you all about curse words.

    Nicolas Cage wears a suit

    4. There are new casting rumors about Sony and Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man 3, including former franchise stars Andrew Garfield and Kirsten Dunst.

    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield sit next to each other behind the scenes of a film set

    5. AND we’re talking about the latest season of Big Mouth and what the animated series gets right about race. BuzzFeed News’ Michael Blackmon joins us.

    In this animated scene, two young white boys smile in front of school lockers; the young boy in the middle points his finger at a frowning young Black girl

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