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    Trump’s Health Department Keeps Fighting With Actual Scientists

    “They wanted reports changed to downplay the risk to children to be more in line with what the Trump administration is trying to say about the level of risk, the level of spread, and what the trajectory for this virus is."

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    On today's show, we're digging into these stories:

    1. President Trump held a town hall last night and it went...well, it went.

    2. Hurricane Sally decided she was going to linger on the Gulf Coast and is already doing tons of damage.

    3. Madonna will be cowriting and directing her own biopic. Cardi B and Offset are donezo after three years of marriage.

    4. And the Department of Health and Human Services usually lets the CDC just do its thing. But as Politico healthcare reporter Sarah Owermohle tells us, that’s not the case right now — and the dysfunction is spilling over into the pandemic response.

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