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    Listen: The Pandemic Is Speeding Up The Gentrification Of Working-Class Neighborhoods

    “New York is becoming a city for the rich. I think COVID has shown that. How sustainable is it really if long-term residents can’t afford to stay here even when they want to?”

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    On today's show, we're talking about these stories:

    1. President Trump was in Minnesota and warned his very white audience that Biden wants to make the whole state a refugee camp and got them to boo Somalis because racism.

    2. Millions of Americans are in danger of having their utilities shut off due to the economic recession.

    3. Chrissy Teigen shared her grief on Instagram and got a lot of love and sympathy in return.

    4. And with a wave of evictions still looming, culture writer Kovie Biakolo is looking ahead to what it could mean for the gentrification already encroaching on Black and brown neighborhoods.

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