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18 Droids You Won't Be Seeing In The New Star Wars Movie

"These aren't the droids you're looking for"

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But here are 18 more droids that you probably won't see on the big screen this year.


401K, W2, and W9

Dan Meth / FETHI BELAID / Via Getty / BuzzFeed

These Accounting droids are enemies. While the 401K is designed to protect and grow civilian assets from the Empire, the W9 and W2 Units report taxable earnings back to the Imperial Revenue Service.

N64 and 3DS

Nathan Pyle / Fethi Belaid / Via Getty / BuzzFeed

The 3DS was created as a response to years of complaints that earlier models could not be used at night. The N64 droid was the first to be compatible with Rumblepak technology.

A1 and V8

Dan Meth / Hemera / Via BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

A1 and V8 are Tomato Product-droids, designed to transport sodium-rich tomato fluids from location to location. They were manufactured on the planet Xanthangum.


Andre 3000 and ACDC

Dan Meth / iStock / Via Buzzfeed / Thinkstock

These jam-droids were engineered to provide sweet jams for recreational purples. André 3000 is an ATLien-bot equipped with 6 speakerboxxes and was manufactured on planet Aquemeni. The ACDC is a high-voltage metal powerage droid designed to do dirty deeds dirt cheap.


Dan Meth / Fethi Belaid / Via Getty / BuzzFeed

P90X is a fitness droid that is able to increase it's own strength over time. The one flaw in this droid's software programming is that it constantly reminds the user of it's own strength and discipline.


Dan Meth / moodboard / Via Thinkstock / Buzzfeed

When asked, the CMYK droid suggests a variety of color schemes that would vastly improve the interior of your drab desert hermitage. It does not get along well with RGB units.

Obsolete Tech-droids

Dan Meth / Nathan Pyle / / Via

These were once useful but now the Jawa's can barely get half a credit for them - except for TI-83, a graphing droid that despite its age is very popular at academies throughout the galaxy.