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    Regé-Jean Page's "SNL" Opening Monologue Had Everyone Feeling Some Kind Of Way

    Someone get me a glass of water.

    If you've seen Bridgerton, then you're likely more than aware of Duke Simon "You Do Touch Yourself" Basset: Regé-Jean Page.

    Simon Basset sitting and gazing at someone
    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    He is so attractive, I feel like I cannot look directly at him, and I say that in total sincerity.

    Well, Regé-Jean hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and his opening monologue was, quite frankly, everything most Bridgerton fans dream of: incredibly horny.

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    NBCU / Via

    One of my personal favorite moments came when Regé-Jean was trying to convince everyone that he's just a regular ol' incredibly hot guy.

    He said "I'm happy to play the Duke, but I've been around for a while"

    Which led to the moment where my soul left my body:

    Regé-Jean Page on SNL saying "People just want me to be this guy who says "I burn for you"

    You know, like:

    Simon Basset saying "When one burns for someone who does not feel the same!"

    This screenshot admittedly does not do justice to the original.

    It was, in a word, magnificent.

    No thoughts, just Regé-Jean Page saying “I burn for you”🥵 #snl

    NBCU / Via Twitter: @FELTONFEELZ

    I then promptly became every one of these women:

    Three of SNL's female cast members gasping

    But wait! That is not all! Regé-Jean can SING!

    Regé-Jean Page, the gift that keeps on giving 🤤 #snl

    NBCU / Via Twitter: @FELTONFEELZ

    Naturally, the internet was highly erotically charged:

    I think we can all agree that Regé-Jean Page #SNL

    Twitter: @TVPartyPlanner

    Why can rege jean page sing too........... hasnt he been given enough

    Twitter: @nwalks

    regé-jean page: “hi my name is re-“ all the women in the audience: #SNL

    Twitter: @kathleen_hanley

    I haven’t heard a louder Saturday Night Live audience. They’re vocalizing the entire country’s feelings about Rege-Jean Page. #snl

    Twitter: @MaggieGilroy

    The moment Rege-Jean Page started singing during his SNL monologue.

    Twitter: @filinadiangirl

    Nobody: The #SNL crowd every time Regé-Jean Page opens his mouth:

    Twitter: @MattW2001

    In short, I am the woman who screamed "YES!" when Regé-Jean asked this question:

    Regé-Jean said "Does that sound pleasing to you?"