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17 More "America's Next Top Model" Moments That Didn't Age Well, To Say The Least

Janice Dickinson...I have no words.

America's Next Top Model has been making the rounds on social media because people are realizing how problematic the show was. Here are some more questionable moments from ANTM during a rewatch:

1. In Cycles 14 and 17, when Angelea was disqualified for having briefly worked as an escort.

2. In Cycle 4, when they made Michelle believe she was suffering from a flesh-eating bacteria, but she actually had untreated impetigo.

3. In Cycle 5, when Tyra implied that Kim should tone down her lesbianness.

4. In Cycle 4, when Keenyah was blamed for being inappropriately touched by a male model at a photoshoot.

5. In Cycle 24, when Jeana was slut-shamed for posing in Playboy.

6. In Cycle 10, when Tyra repeatedly mispronounced Katarzyna's name.

7. In Cycle 6, when the contestants were forced to walk in dangerously high heals, which resulted in Danielle spraining her toe.

8. In Cycle 6, when Danielle was hospitalized but left against medical advice in order to participate in a photo shoot.

9. In Cycle 12, when London was eliminated because of her weight gain.

10. In Cycle 16, when Tyra made 14 girls think they were going home, but they were actually the top 14. And the top 14 they originally told were moving into the house were actually being sent home.

11. In Cycle 1, when the contestants were weighed on TV...and then their weights were TOLD TO ALL OF AMERICA.

12. In ANTM: All Stars, where contestants posed in a Michael Jackson–themed photo shoot (yikes), which involved a few of the girls in blackface and brownface (yikes x 2).

13. In Cycle 1, when Janice Dickinson told Shannon to go work at a "car factory or a bakery" because she didn't want to pose nude due to her religious beliefs.

14. In Cycle 6, when Janice Dickinson made Gina tell her who was bothering her in the house...and then yelled at her for ratting out her fellow model.

15. In Cycle 6, when Tyra pretended to faint and scared all the contestants.

16. In Cycle 2, when Janice Dickinson told the 18-year-old Catie that she looked like a "child prostitute."

17. Finally, in Cycle 8, when 50 Cent pushed Jael in the pool because she annoyed him.