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    Janice Dickinson Defended Her Behavior On "America's Next Top Model"

    “When I was hired to do ANTM, Tyra [Banks] hired me to be like a female Simon Cowell, to be feeding, in negative fashion, things about the girls."

    One of the worst things in life has been the realization that America's Next Top Model was not the show we thought it was.

    close up of Tyra on the judges panel

    While it seemed like good entertainment at the time, looking back, a lot of the situations the models were subjected to were cruel, insensitive, and just so cringe-y.

    the judges panel with tyra in the middle

    Janice Dickinson was featured on the show as a judge and was arguably the most blunt of them all, never mincing words when it came time to critique the models.

    close up of janice

    And although she's attracted plenty of criticism for the things she's said and done — she just recently came under fire over a resurfaced clip where she voted "no" on contestant Robin Manning because of her weight — Janice says she has "no" regrets.

    close up of janice

    "It was acting," she explained on Instagram, in response to a fan question about whether she "regrets" her behavior. "And that's that."

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    Janice had previously said that she was encouraged to act like Simon Cowell from American Idol, whose candor helped make the show a hit.

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    Tyra, however, now agrees that there were "some really off choices" made in the show and has thanked fans for their "honest feedback."

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    Watch Janice's post here, and let us know what you think about all of this in the comments!