Just 16 Photos Of Celebs Partying After The Oscars

    Yes, that is Barry Keoghan wearing a "Sabrina" bracelet.

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    Last night, there was plenty of cause for celebration in Hollywood as the 2024 Oscars took place (especially if you worked on a movie called Oppenheimer).

    Four Oscar winners posing with their awards: RDJ and Cillian Murphy on the ends, Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Emma Stone in the center

    But it's the party after the party where things get a little more fun. Here are some photos from inside the parties:

    1. Let's start with the Vanity Fair Oscars party, since it's reportedly harder to get an invite to this one than the Oscars themselves. It starts earlier than you might think with a viewing party of the awards themselves:

    Guests seated at a formal event, including Sandra Oh and Shonda Rhimes, wearing elegant attire
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    2. There is also a more formal dining area, as evidenced by two-thirds of the Smartless podcast:

    Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and another man in tuxedos seated at a table, smiling

    3. Naturally, there is a fully stocked bar:

    Justin Theroux in a black suit, standing on a red carpet, leaning against a bar with bottles in the background

    4. Of course, things really kick off when the Oscars attendees arrive. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of photos of winners with their awards...

    5. ...as well as celebs getting pics with other celebs, such as Mark Ruffalo with fellow Best Supporting Actor nominee Sterling K. Brown:

    Mark and Sterling posing for a photo

    6. There is food offered at the party, unlike at the Oscars themselves, which is why you get photos of celebrities with In-N-Out burgers:

    7. Hell, Steven Spielberg was so impressed with his burger that he took a photo:

    Steven Spielberg in a tuxedo, sitting and taking a pic of his burger

    8. There is also pizza on offer, as an incredibly serious Michael Douglas showed. The chef is actually Evan Funke, a renowned Italian chef and restaurateur:

    Evan Funke presenting three pizzas to Michael

    9. For those in the partying mood, there is a full dance floor — which was presumably occupied by more than Sam Rockwell later in the night:

    Sam in a suit dancing with a raised fist on a lit dance floor, other couples in background

    10. Flavor Flav brought along a bedazzled, Barbie-esque watch that said "Billie Eilish" — which was appreciated by the singer herself:

    Flavor in a hat and suit holding a clock necklace as Billie and others take photos

    11. And rumored couple Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter posed together, with Barry sporting a "Sabrina" friendship bracelet:

    Barry and Sabrina posing playfully with hands over their mouths, in formal attire

    12. However, the Vanity Fair party isn't actually the official afterparty — the Governors Ball is. It takes place in the same building as the awards ceremony itself, with stairs adorned in string lights leading the way:

    Guillermo Rodriguez from Jimmy Kimmel Live in a suit with bow-tie, arms crossed, smiling

    13. Once in there, Best Actress winner Emma Stone shared a sweet moment with her husband, Dave McCary:

    Emma and Dave seen from the back embracing

    14. Christopher Nolan met Takashi Yamazaki (and Godzilla):

    Takashi and Christopher in tuxedos holding their Oscar statuettes (Takashi also holding a Godzilla statuette) and smiling at each other

    15. Robert Downey Jr. got well acquainted with his Oscar:

    RDJ in a suit holding an Oscar close to his face with other people around him

    16. And Best Actor winner Cillian Murphy looked about as festive as he ever has:

    Cillian smiling in a formal suit with a bow tie and a pin on the lapel at an event

    If you want to learn what it's like to actually attend the Oscars, step right this way.

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