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    Lori Harvey Shared Some PDA Pics With Michael B. Jordan On The Beach, And I'm Totally Not Jealous At All, Not One Bit

    "So grateful baby."

    Breaking news from the humidity of my tiny NYC apartment: Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan appear to literally be in heaven on vacay together.

    Aaron J. Thornton / FilmMagic / Getty Images, Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    If you didn't know, the Black Panther star and the model have been IG official since January — but have generally been keeping things pretty on the DL.

    Lori shared a series of pics of the couple on the beach looking very much in love:

    Lori Harvey / Via Instagram: @loriharvey

    I was able to deduce that they are in love because Lori says, "I love you," and Michael says, "I love you too, baby." 

    There was chin biting!

    Michael playfully biting Lori's chin
    Lori Harvey / Via Instagram: @loriharvey

    Pool cuddles!

    I am so alone!!!

    Lori Harvey / Via Instagram: @loriharvey

    Michael even took to the comments to add, "So grateful, baby."

    Lori Harvey / Via Instagram: @loriharvey

    I'm fine! Everything's fine! This is fine!

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