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    The First Set Pictures Of Ariel And Prince Eric On The "Little Mermaid" Live-Action Set Are Here, People

    🎢 What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand? 🎡

    It's time to fish the gossip: The first pics of Halle Bailey as Ariel in the Disney live-action Little Mermaid movie have surfaced.

    Halle Bailey in a glittery black outfit on the red carpet

    If you need a quick re-fisher, Halle Bailey β€” of Chloe x Halle fame β€” will be playing the lead, with Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, Daveed Diggs as Sebastian, and Awkwafina as Scuttle rounding out the cast.

    Halle in a long-sleeved, satiny V-neck outfit on the red carpet

    As for Prince Eric, he'll be played by Jonah Hauer-King, whom you might recognize from The Last Photograph or the 2017 TV miniseries version of Little Women.

    Jonah Hauer-King and his dimples

    Well, pics of Halle and Jonah finally emerged this week showing them (seemingly) rehearsing in Sardinia, Italy β€” complete with mermaid tail.

    Jonah and Halle sitting near the water and looking at each other

    It sure looks like they're having a merry time!

    Close-up of them by the water; Halle is smiling

    Personally, I would ~plaice~ my bets on this being the scene where Ariel rescues Eric after the shipwreck.

    Animated shot of Ariel cupping the face of a prone Eric in her hands

    Are you excited to sea the remake? Do you just want me to stop making fish puns? LMK in the comments!