22 Black Tweets That Are So Funny, You'll Be Snickering Through Your Monday Meetings

    "Black people will put Comet in the tub and walk away like it's seasoning."

    We're back to Monday, folks, and daylight saving is in full swing (thank goodness)!


    Black people: It woulda been 3:06 right now.

    — PhD Loading | Déjà D. Rollins (@DRollins_) March 11, 2024

    Black Twitter still remains the funniest corner of the internet, so here's a list of the most hilarious Black tweets on my timeline this week, enjoy!


    Nobody :
    Black moms : pic.twitter.com/GDOdmRwaNw

    — kyraaraee (@babyk3_) March 16, 2024


    Guys. One white womans toddler was screaming & jumping in the buggy refusing to sit down…how can one black woman next to me give her one look and say ‘sit down now’ and the child sat down silently.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    — BROWNSUGA. (@brownsug4aa) March 16, 2024


    This is who need to guest star on Abbott Elementary pic.twitter.com/mypT8NJiHa

    — name em (@caliboycomplex) March 12, 2024
    Hulu / @caliboycomplex


    nick cannon https://t.co/QBWXXelIvp

    — Invis🧜‍♀️ (@invis4yo) March 18, 2024
    @ihyric / @invis4yo


    🎯 pic.twitter.com/ZUahYkHnr0

    — Jacy, LPC (@ATMwithJacy) March 12, 2024


    my mama gone stop signing me up for stuff at the church, she done told these folks i’ll play a crackhead in the easter program……….why is there a crackhead in the easter program?????

    — Menace ² Society (@kingtrelll) March 16, 2024


    they stupid as hell on tht app😭😭 talm bout some titayanna “TikTok” Williams pic.twitter.com/RPUhsAcTd8

    — Jacob @jpwphoto (@cameramanjake) March 14, 2024


    I’m not joking when I say you need to be put on a watchlist. Why you took it’s clothes off?? https://t.co/eZhAWkuDqQ

    — Sesame Chiccen (@Loccdawggg) March 14, 2024
    @amourxjasss / @Loccdawgg


    It’s true. pic.twitter.com/Sv3HVHWNck

    — Mazie Mae....... (@LifeisG65042359) March 16, 2024


    The way Halle looked at Chloe shasjejjajsjs- https://t.co/uLmiuBDNxS

    — 🦀Jaden is waiting for IYH🦀 (@floraaverde) March 13, 2024
    Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV / @mmbtyy / @floraaverde / Via youtube.com


    i can still hear the talk my mama gave me when she spent $84 on this https://t.co/9AJXbXELPs

    — anna maria horsford (@_tradeadjacent) March 13, 2024
    @Jayin88akaRelay / @_tradeadjacent


    i will never forget this moment 💀 https://t.co/2FtszwTcXH

    — Chlöe (@ChloeBailey) March 16, 2024
    @Jonathzn / @ChloeBailey


    If Tik Tok is so dangerous, why the President got one?

    — Monica 🇨🇩🇵🇸 (@BlakPantherBabe) March 13, 2024


    I can’t wait to use this https://t.co/F1CGkClklN pic.twitter.com/sQOLlgkGEZ

    — RK Jackson | Atlanta 🛸 (@theerkj) March 12, 2024
    @callherdaddy via TikTok / @theerkj / Via tiktok.com


    Imagine missing out on a closet full of birkins for a viral moment… sighhh https://t.co/U6SeV17ovp

    — DeAndre Brown (@imdrebrown) March 12, 2024
    @trillary_banks_ / @imdrebrown


    black people soooo unserious like wdym the party starts at 7 and it’s 7:30 and it’s still getting set up

    — greg (@gurreggg) March 17, 2024


    I love black southerners baddd. I was at Kroger yesterday and this lady tapped my shoulder and said lemme show you some. She take me to the collards and was like “look at these sorry ass greens” they was small affff. I said lemme put my mad voice on. I said THAT IS RIDICULOUS

    — jus (@bbnojutsu) March 12, 2024


    oh ok, lol. pic.twitter.com/zZyCTZJO2Z

    — reese winfrey (@sIicksista) March 12, 2024


    Cuh asked for no pickles too 😭 .. pic.twitter.com/cUvQdCVaom

    — PG (@SleepyHallow83) March 17, 2024


    Imagine counting $240K by hand for a bank and they fire you because you know Darnell😂😂😒 #setitoff pic.twitter.com/Naf3QbMbkO

    — Tee🦋 (@teeelatricee) March 17, 2024
    Amazon Prime / @teeelatricee


    Hulu / @NOLIMITBRUCITO / @buffys