14 Red Carpet Details From The 2022 Grammys That Might Make You Say, "Damn, Fashion"

    Please, stop wearing Crocs on the red carpet.

    1. Doja Cat's bag was adorned with a bedazzled speaker, lest the music played at the Grammys not be satisfactory. The gems on her look are Swarovski.

    2. Justin Bieber wore Balenciaga Crocs, which can be yours for a mere $950.

    3. Questlove also appeared to wear Crocs on the red carpet. At least, it would make sense if they were Crocs, given that he wore golden Crocs on the 2021 Oscars red carpet.

    4. H.E.R.'s Dundas jumpsuit is inspired by Aretha Franklin — I suspect her 1976 American Music Awards performance look. Look at how her sleeves are embellished to resemble a phoenix.

    5. Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast's bright yellow dress is likely a nod to the album artwork for her album Jubilee, where she's in a yellow dress surrounded by persimmons. Check out the 'lil yellow ball details on her nails.

    6. Megan Thee Stallion's look is obviously very feline, but the references don't stop with the print of the dress! There's the tiger print lining, the 'lil cat brooch, the snake-like earrings, and a stellar cat eye.

    7. The lining of Wolfgang Van Halen's jacket features the logo of his band, Mammoth WVH, who's nominated for Best Rock Song.

    8. Avril Lavigne's dress features the words "Love Sux," in reference to her album of the same name.

    9. Artist and producer Dillon Francis brought a Walgreens bag full of snacks. Why not?!

    10. As per E!'s red carpet coverage, the inspiration for Brandi Carlile's look included David Bowie, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury. Brandi told Laverne Cox that the Hugo Boss jacket weighed "about 40 lbs."

    11. Behold, the back of J Balvin's head is a heart with crosses. Cool!

    12. Lil Nas X's Balmain look is embellished with butterflies, a frequent motif on his album Montero.

    13. Dua Lipa's look is a an iconic vintage Versace bondage dress, popularized by Donatella Versace in the '90s.

    14. Finally! This isn't really a small detail, as it's the whole look, but I just need to emphasize that Billie Eilish is wearing a Rick Owens menswear coat in the most haunting way possible.