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15 Small Fashion Details At The Oscars Red Carpet That I Am Low-Key Obsessed With

A metal dress...but how...

The 2021 Oscars red carpet was tonight, and oh mama, it was a great one.

Zendaya in a yellow gown
Pool / Getty Images


Because there were a LOT of looks, you might have missed a couple of things. No problem! Here are some tiny details from the red carpet this year:

1. H.E.R.'s Dundas outfit was a nod to Prince's 1985 Oscars look.

Handout / Getty Images, ABC Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

2. And her hood was a shoutout to her Oscar-nominated song, "Fight for You."

H.E.R. in a blue hooded outfit and wearing sunglasses
Pool / Getty Images

3. Zendaya's Valentino look was inspired by Cher.

Pool / Getty Images, Law Roach / Via Instagram: @

4. And she wore $6 million in Bulgari diamonds.

Handout / Getty Images, ABC / Getty Images

5. Travon Free's Dolce & Gabbana suit was lined with the names of people killed by police.

Handout / Getty Images, Pool / Getty Images

6. Erica Rivinoja, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm writer, accessorized with a shrimp bag.

ABC / Getty Images, Pool / Getty Images

7. Celeste Waite's bag was a bedazzled heart.

Handout / Getty Images, Pool / Getty Images

8. Questlove wore gold Crocs.

Pool / Getty Images, ABC / Getty Images

9. And Chloé Zhao wore sneakers.

Chloé Zhao in pigtails and wearing a beige long-sleeved, high-neck gown with white sneakers
ABC / Getty Images

10. LaKeith Stanfield's YSL look was likely based on a women's Spring 2021 look.

Everything abt Lakeith Stanfield in @YSL is right, especially that it’s based on a women’s spring 2021 look.

Twitter: @steffyotka

11. Andra Day's custom Vera Wang dress was made out of metal.

Pool / Getty Images, ABC / Getty Images

12. Viola Davis actually wore a skin-colored corset, which you can see through the cutout detailing in her Alexander McQueen dress. To achieve the effect in the age of social distancing, the designer tried roughly 20 swatches and consulted Viola's makeup artist.

Pool / Getty Images, ABC / Getty Images

13. The top of Maria Bakalova's dress had diamonds on it.

Pool / Getty Images, ABC / Getty Images

14. Colman Domingo's Versace suit featured 4,500 precious Swarovski crystals and sequins — 150 hours' worth of embroidery. That's not terribly far off the length of the Promising Young Woman shoot.

Handout / Getty Images

15. Finally, Regina King's Louis Vuitton dress had a record-breaking number of Swarovski crystals for Vuitton. According to Vogue, this means "62,000 sequins, 3,900 pale sparkling stones, 4,500 in darker tones."

Regina King wearing a long, straight blue gown with winged shoulders
Pool / Getty Images

You can see every single red carpet look here.

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